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Episode 34 – Change Your Story

Do you have the tools to manage your own mindset? In this episode, Sarah and Rob provide tools for you to enhance and enjoy your life, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic. Right now, so many of us are being challenged by different … [Read more]

Duality and Non-Duality

"How do I "deal" with others who are living in a dualistic world and pushing their agenda onto me? Am I still judging?" This is a phenomenal question. The short answer is yes, you're still judging. It takes a judgment to describe what they are … [Read more]

Untapped with Natalie Sisson

Have you identified a part of your life you want to change but you keep putting it off? Do you know you need to make a fundamental shift in your mind to really transform your life? I got to share my story and how I went from homeless to the top … [Read more]

A personal story to share…

Life is exhausting at times. Especially when we’re dealing with a real global health threat. Especially when we're dealing with other new things, like... social distancing, "safer at home" orders, homeschooling kids, working virtually, … [Read more]

Episode 33 – The Shortcut to Mastering Emotions

A new episode of The Rob Scott Show just went live. Sarah and I recorded this before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, but we feel it couldn’t be better timed… We focus on how to deal with difficult and overwhelming emotions. Obviously … [Read more]

Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith

Hey, I recently got to be a guest on Vroom Vroom Veer Podcast with Jeff Smith and I wanted to share it with you. The episode just went live. If you want to listen to it, head here. We had a lot of fun talking about evolving consciousness, … [Read more]

Episode 32 – Developing a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Check out the latest episode of The Rob Scott Show. Rob and Sarah have a discussion about technology. They explore the purpose of technology, the impact it has on the world, and how to manage your personal relationship with it. Technology was … [Read more]

Episode 31 – The Most Useful Skill in Personal Development

The latest episode of the Rob Scott Show shares why reality isn’t always what it seems to be. We discuss why we often have misconceptions around what’s “real,” and why so many of us are lost in our own delusions and fantasies. Then I share the … [Read more]

Episode 30 – The Art and Science of Goal Setting

This is an important episode to check out if you’re looking to get things done. We explore the art and science of powerful goal setting. We also debunk some common goal setting mistakes. The first crucial thing to understand is how goals and … [Read more]

Episode 29 – *Special Episode* Beyond the Podcast

This episode of The Rob Scott Show is a love letter to our group coaching programs. This is your opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of The Identity Shifting Mastermind. You'll learn about the creation of it, and the unique strategy that drives … [Read more]