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Episode 19 – How To Improve Communication

This episode of the Rob Scott Show is about becoming a better communicator. We explore how to improve both mindful speaking and active listening skills. This episode touches on how mindful communication will help your relationships improve. … [Read more]

Episode 18 – Use Gratitude to Be Happy

This episode answers all your burning questions about how to be happier right now. Rob and Sarah do a deep dive on gratitude. They get specific on what gratitude is and how to have more of it in your life. You’ll learn useful tips on how to … [Read more]

Episode 17 – Humans Greatest Misconception

This episode of the Rob Scott Show opens with a big question. What is the biggest misconception of humankind? That question kicks off an interesting and candid discussion. We explore human attachment to belief. Plus, survival mechanisms, and how … [Read more]

Episode 16 – Codependency and Self Love

Codependency shows itself in very subtle ways and is often hidden beneath other factors. Even though it’s hard to put our finger on it all the time, it will hurt us greatly if it goes unnoticed and uncorrected. Simply defined, codependency is the … [Read more]

Episode 15 – Optimize for Success and Happiness

There are two very different tracks the field of psychology is interested in. Historically it’s been mostly about fixing dysfunction. Helping sick people get to “normal.” But more recently, psychologists are learning what it takes to go from normal … [Read more]

Episode 14 – Identity Politics

Do you lack clarity and the capability to navigate your own values? Or how to share them in a healthy, peaceful way with others? This episode of the Rob Scott Show examines the topic of Identity Politics. It’s showing up faster and more … [Read more]

Episode 13 – Less is More

Do you find yourself surrounded by clutter? Its it causing you stress and anxiety? This episode of the Rob Scott Show offers useful tips on how to be a more mindful consumer in many different areas. There’s a variety of ways we consume. An … [Read more]

Episode 12 – How to End Suffering

Suffering seems universal. Many of us get caught up in a whirlwind of stress, anxiety, and depression. We push against the reality of “what is.” We try to control things we can’t change, resist the feelings we have, and wish for different … [Read more]

Episode 11 – Expand Consciousness and Grow Wisdom in One Move

The world often feels “crazy” to us. Because of technology, information moves at a faster pace than it ever has. The political climate of today is growing more divisive. We may be in more disagreements with people over different value and belief … [Read more]

How to Manage Your Levels of Gratification…

Balancing the desire for instant gratification is a crucial skill. We’re not going to be successful if we live in the “extremes.” Sustainability is the key. There are obvious issues with over indulging in instant gratification. But what’s the … [Read more]