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Episode 52 – How to Untangle Dysfunction and Build Better Relationships

On this episode of The Rob Scott Show, Rob and Sarah continue talking about mental health. Listen to the second part of this episode to learn more about the spectrum of psychological health. If codependency is lost in the "world" with little sense … [Read more]

Episode 51 – The Crucial Technique to Balance Mental Health

I hope you enjoy this important episode of The Rob Scott Show. Rob and Sarah explore the spectrum of mental health. Specifically, they discuss what codependency & narcissism really is, and how to fix it. There is a crucial skill required to … [Read more]

Episode 50 – The Universal Solution to the Problem of “Self”

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Rob Scott Show. Rob and Sarah discuss a variety of ways you can optimize your relationships. Discover exactly what strategy will help you get along with others. The goal is to learn to build a shared narrative … [Read more]

Episode 49 – Discover a More Powerful Way to Relate

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, discover how to improve your ability to relate. Relating is the "game of being human." Mastering it in a useful way might be counterintuitive. It's not just about relating to other people. There's actually … [Read more]

Episode 48 – Why You Can’t Trust Your Own Memory…

This episode of The Rob Scott Show exposes why memory isn't what you think it is. Memory is actually what creates our sense of self. Humans are made as a holistic system that ties memory, emotions, and behavior together. If you want to change, … [Read more]

Episode 47 – How to Improve Relationships (… and it’s NOT what you think!)

This episode of The Rob Scott Show explores "reality" as you know it to be. Rob and Sarah talk about why we're not actually relating to others in the same reality, like most of us think. Everyone carries their own own "self-world model." If we … [Read more]

Episode 46 – Rob Talks About His Fundamental Shift

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, Sarah asks Rob unscripted questions about his past. They deep dive into his life story, and how he came to be where he is today. Rob shares why he feels called to help other people change. Learn about Rob’s … [Read more]

Episode 45 – The Skill of Escaping Time

This latest episode of the Rob Scott Show is all about time. Rob and Sarah discuss exactly how time can trap you in delusion. Like chasing a moving horizon, we get stuck on the "treadmill of time." Many of our problems come from the belief that … [Read more]

Episode 44 – The Secret to Mastering Free Will

Our "story of self" is a concept that’s created within the construct of time. It can be useful, but when we get lost in it, the "self" starts to make us feel like there’s no freedom of choice or free will. Do you feel like you desire change, but … [Read more]

Episode 43 – A Smarter Way to Navigate Values

In this episode of the Rob Scott Show, you'll learn a new way to navigate your values. Rob and Sarah redefine what values are and how value judgments come into play. Values are often running very unconsciously for us. We use values to help … [Read more]