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How to “Write and Burn”

Note: This is for the “Evolved Pyro” in you…

I personally don’t think we have enough ceremony in our culture. Not enough ways to easily process old emotional crap, or set intentions in a nifty fashion.

Enter “Write and Burn.”

Here’s the quick skinny on how to do it:

Step 1) Grab a pen and a single sheet of paper
Step 2) Set a timer for 8 minutes (or if you’re my girlfriend 8 hours – she likes to write)
Step 3) Start the timer and DUMP your emotions on that page!

Note: We’re talking anger, jealousy, sadness, basically anything you want to process.

Special rule #1: Curse words are mandatory
Special rule #2: Don’t turn the page when you get to the bottom, but keep writing!

When you get to the bottom of the page, just start at the top again – writing directly over your own words.

The page will quickly become completely illegible which is good for a couple of reason. First, we’ve quickly covered our pissy-pants tracks. And second, because it no longer matters if you’re even forming sentences.

Why that matters is this: you will switch from processing with your left brain to your right brain. You may even feel it happen. When it does, things are really “leaving” you. So just keep scribbling.

Special rule #3: Imagine your emotions flowing down your arm INTO THE PAPER. Imagine the paper can catch all the emotional energy that has felt stuck in you.

Keep writing, and when the timer goes off, decide if you’d like more time. If so, keep going. If not, do step 4.

Step 4) Last thing to do may be the most important: Treat that piece of paper like it has literally captured all the energy you had stored up inside you. Then find a safe place, and with as much ceremony as you can muster, burn that bitch and send all that energy back to the universe where it belongs.

Process your stuff, and enjoy the tiny emotional bon-fire.

You can do this process in the “positive” too… It works great with intentions as well. If you’re not feeling burdened or sullen, grab a sheet and write some wishes, hopes, dreams or intentions on the page, and then send those to the universe with fire as well.

I love doing this over new years. And I usually do both a release, and an intention… I do it in the last hour of the year, and light them both (one after the other, no mingling!) right as the clock turns twelve.

Now we all have another little ceremony we can do. Let me know how you like it, or if you have any ceremonies like this you can share.

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