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Where Your Limits Come From


Have you ever wondered why some people actually achieve their dreams while others just talk about them?

Watch this video to learn where limiting beliefs come from, and how to change them to guarantee your success.

And get in the conversation.  What limits do you see in your life?  Any questions on how to flip it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

1:14 – Your greatest weaknesses can become your greatest strengths.
2:26 – Magic fingers.
4:33 – Embarrassment/Rejection Story
5:35 – Life experiences affect behavior.
5:58 – The subconscious mind is a safety mechanism.
6:50 – Fake “life rules.”
7:32 – Learned Helplessness.
9:38 – Success and failure don’t define worth.
12:00 – Where do limits come from?
13:10 – Confidence to attack.
14:00 − 3 big steps to conquer limiting beliefs.
14:52 – Awareness can be curative.
17:40 – Awareness brainstorm technique.
18:35 – You can’t become something you resent.
19:32 – Our ways of protecting ourselves.
24:23 – Mindset is immediate.



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  1. Seriously though… I have yet to be rejected. :D

  2. Ryan Rogers says

    I have been on a self discovery journey (my story and even my realizations really do match yours in a lot of ways) where I’ve come across a lot of these ideas, thinking it through myself. (You did just blow my mind with the peripheral limiting thoughts, like perceptions about rich people vs money thoughts). One thing that hit me about what you were saying is that there are two kinds of learned limits. Both examples you cited (and I know a few more) are examples of there being an acceptance that I can “only go so far”. The flea isn’t going to KEEP trying to jump out of the glass, because what’s the point. He’s just wasting time and energy. However, I think there is also a consequence limiting belief. This is a depressing example, but there won’t be a non-depressing one. The real way they actually train a lot of elephants is that, when they are little ones, they punish them RELENTLESSLY, usually pretty violently. Which means that the elephant has his “spirit broken”, and actually has an energy that pushes back against him that doesn’t just say “There is no use in trying to escape, because that rope around your leg won’t let you.” It’s actually much much more destructive. That elephant thinks. “If I try to run away, I will experience great pain and suffering. I want to run away. I want to go live free. However, if I do, I’l experience extreme suffering, so I’ll accept my lot in life. Even though I’m miserable, it’s better to stay here, and not get hurt.” Except it’s even more insidious than that, because OF COURSE the elephant doesn’t have all that rationalized inner self-talk about consequences, etc. It just, on a pure instinctual level, behaves in a way that “Escape = Suffering”. We like to think of ourselves as smarter than elephants, because we can create that kind of inner narrative, but the fact of the matter is that the fear center of our brain, which was taught and informed previously, is a very very simple monkey part of our brain, avoiding the rational thinking center of our minds and just goes. “Trying = Suffering”. I have found that, because of my own punishments and abuse and experience as a boy, I not only just accepted a belief that I only had an upper limit. For me, I can see that the saran wrap is no longer on the glass, I WANT to jump out of the glass, I LONG to jump out of the glass, but my monkey mind keeps saying “If you jump out of the glass, bad things will happen to you.” I get STUCK at awareness, which is an ABSOLUTE miserable place to be stuck. Because the limiting beliefs that i have are not just the beliefs themselves, but the fear to challenge them. It’s like they have created the perfect storm.

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