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The MOST Important Life Strategy There Is…



In today’s world, I think it’s fair to say that we’re ALL a little overwhelmed. With so many options and different commitments it’s really hard to just keep things simple.

We end up with email cluttering our inboxes, junk cluttering our houses, dishes cluttering our sinks.  Too much to read.  Too many commitments. Friends want our time, family wants our time, work wants our time.  After a while, everywhere you turn, there’s more to do!

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

Because I know this is true for most people, I want to share what I think might be the MOST important life strategy there is:


Take time to regularly simplify your life.  I promise you… EVERYTHING IS NOT IMPORTANT.

One of the best things I’ve ever done is to decide what is MOST IMPORTANT in my life, and then make a hard line and just stick to those things (as best I can).

In the interest of keeping this SIMPLE, I’ll end it after I ask one question:

What can you do right now to simplify your life?