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Stay the Course

courageThe world will not always see you. In fact, it will often ask you to give up your new ideas, your next version of you. “They” will ask you to slow down, to please stop changing so much…

Look closely at how that moves you. We are deeply social creatures, so easily influenced away from our own inner truth. Courage and creation have a lot to do with staying the course against your own immediate comfort, and against public opinion.

Unless you see a real loop of disfunction, be bold. Love yourself and stay the fucking course. Anything really worth creating or becoming scared someone at some point. If it’s them that get scared, then you really may be onto something.

And here’s the deal… By doing this you get to love and respect yourself whether they come around or not. Chances are, if you have the strength to stay, to finish, to really grow, then you’ll be someone we all want to love.

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