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Rob Scott Speaking Info – Biography & Headshots



Master Level Coach and Founder of Fundamental Shift, LLC.

*Areas of Expertise:

  • Personal Development Coach on a mission to evolve consciousness
  • Creator of Identity Shifting, Hacking Happy, & Recode Your Mind
  • Inventor of The Back to Breath 7-Day Meditation Challenge
  • Host of the Fundamental Shift Podcast and The Rob Scott Show
  • Best known for “shifting identities” & creating profound transformation
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    Rob Scott is a Master Level Coach and the founder of Fundamental Shift, LLC. His work has influenced hundreds of thousands of people, helping to “shift their identities.” He helps them evolve their consciousness, and create profound changes in all the important areas of life. His coaching programs take you through proven processes that will get you past your biggest, deepest limiting beliefs, so you can live into the highest version of yourself. The result of this massive shift is achieving levels of success once thought impossible to reach.

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    Rob Scott is a master level personal development coach, whose mission is to evolve consciousness. He’s known for getting people past their deepest limiting beliefs, helping them to achieve next-level success.

    He has pioneered a process called “Identity Shifting” which has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the last decade. It’s based on the idea that any profound change, requires erasing limiting beliefs and shifting your self concept. He’s created a transformative six-week Mastermind that takes a select group of people through this proven breakthrough process, resulting in permanent transformation.

    Rob also runs the Fundamental Shift Community & Coaching Group. This is a community of conscious humans, that works together to create awake, inspired, passionate, empowered individuals. It includes live calls monthly, and an “all-access pass” to every digital program ever created.

    After working with Rob, people become incredibly effective, successful, and deeply fulfilled.  To find out more about how Rob “hacks the human brain” you can visit his website at

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    Rob Scott is a master level coach who helps people “shift their identities” and make dramatic breakthroughs in all areas of their lives. Over the past decade he has helped people who were struggling to succeed in various areas of life and work. Identity Shifting, pioneered by Rob, teaches people how rewire their limiting beliefs, and ultimately leaves them completely transformed.

    Rob has pinpointed humanity’s core issue, named the problem, and crafted a solution. It’s the problem of limiting our current identity. Rob has made it his mission to shift this mindset and create habits and behaviors that yield incredible outcomes.  The result of this shift is people who are living to their full potential and achieving a level of success they once thought impossible to reach.

    Rob has been fully awake for more than twenty years and is passionate about how to change to world. People who have worked with Rob have experienced breakthroughs in health, relationships, income, and an overall sense of happiness and fulfillment. Rob has helped businesses grow, relationships flourish, and has even helped craft congressional testimony that lead to national policy reform. All by teaching others how to evolve their consciousness and to shift their identity.


    Visit the Website: ROBSCOTT.COM

    Apply for the Mastermind: IDENTITYSHIFTING.COM

    Join our Coaching Community: FUNDAMENTALSHIFT.COM

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