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Social Mindset Shifts


In this Mindset Series hangout Rob Scott and Jeff Yancey focus on the importance of group mindset.

Quick Notes:

0:55 – Why is mindset shift important?
3:20 – Limiting narratives
6:00 – Leaving society
7:00 – How big is our identity?
8:15 – Identity of Nationalism
9:09 – If Aliens landed on earth…
12:22 – Base assumptions
15:27 – What if we were all connected as one?
19:00 – We are all egoic, and that’s ok
22:50 – Ask: How am I connected to these people?

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  1. I love the part where you set me straight on the difference between tolerating difference of opinions/beliefs/views and it just being what it is and not an effort to “tolerate.” That set my mind on fire for a few days. Love the doors we open brother man, you make me a better person.