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Programs and Products

Live Coaching with Rob:

The Identity Shifting Mastermind comes HIGHLY recommended by all Rob’s past clients. This 6-week course will shift your identity and give you life changing breakthroughs. The Mastermind includes weekly calls, a robust membership site, and accountability partners. You’ll have full access to Rob and his team, as well as past and current Mastermind participants.

It’s by application only, and the experience starts with a 1:1 call with Rob himself. He’ll talk with you about your limits, and then work with you throughout the program to help you destroy them. Identity shifting will turn you into a real-life superhero. I’m not talking about leaping tall buildings. I mean practical, rock-your-life super powers. Click here to learn more.

Stillness in Motion is our monthly group coaching program. Rob created this community to teach practical tools for living a fulfilled life. Members of this community rave about their results. They’ve shared how this community has lead to a calmer, happier, and more productive life.

You can join the movement for as low as $59/month. Your membership gives you access to a Facebook community and two live calls each month. Plus, an online site where you can view content, access monthly challenges, and watch call replays. You also get direct access to Rob and any coaching help you may need.

Stillness in Motion will give you results in your life and teach you a completely new way of being. You’ll have a deeper, richer, fuller life. If you are interesting in being a part of this movement simply fill out an application. Reach your next level today! Click here to get started.

Online Programs:

The Identity Shifting Masterclass is Rob’s online self-study offering. It’s a virtual classroom that teaches self-mastery and destroys limiting beliefs. This experience will transform your life and give you the tools to become the person you know you can be.

Forever access to this course is available for $997. The five modules of this self-paced program contain videos, audios, and homework assignments. Also included are daily practices for the “action takers” that will reinforce Rob’s teachings.

This program teaches how to have the identity you want and to shed any limits you’re carrying. Profound change requires a shift in who you are. If you want profound change, this is the program for you. Click here to enroll.

Connect and Close is a special offering for coaches and consultants. Rob created this program to help teach other entrepreneurs “heart-centered selling” techniques. There’s three modules in this program. First, you’ll learn how to connect with your clients. Second, you’ll learn how to close your clients. Finally, you’ll learn advanced selling techniques to build your skills.

You can invest in this program for only $997. It’s designed to help you get 5 new clients in the next 14 days. If you’re looking for a game changer or if you’re struggling with closing new clients, this is the program for you. [Invest now]

Future Now is an online course to help you with goal setting and planning. For $297 you get forever access. You can reuse your planner annually, quarterly, or whenever you need extra clarity. It’s broken down into three simple phases: envision, brainstorm, and achieve. This course includes a downloadable worksheet, an interactive video, and a powerful visualization.

If you’re looking for a little help organizing your life. Or if you have trouble finding clarity about your future, this is the course for you. Future Now is perfect for a finding a vision and building practical steps to achieve your dreams. [Start my Access Now]

Back to Breath Meditation Challenge. This is a gift program and a simple 7 day meditation challenge and online community I suggest you try. Even if you have a history with mindfulness, this program will still be really helpful. Join the challenge when you have a few minutes a day, for seven days, to work on your presence. Start here.