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The Power of the Subconscious


In this part of the Mastering Mindset Series we uncover the secret of the subconscious mind. And expose how it is WAY more powerful than you probably thought.

Without understanding how much it’s running (and ruling) in our lives, we will always feel stuck. Here I show how to alter it so it can be a huge asset, instead of an unknown liability.

Check out this hangout with Jeff and me, and learn how to win a battle you may not have even known you were fighting.

And as always, leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments.

Quick Notes:

1:04 – Most of mindset is unconscious.
4:00 – Your subconscious mind is stronger than you are.
5:54 – Your subconscious mind doesn’t care.
6:52 – Our subconscious only cares about this one thing (in 2 ways).
8:36 – The subconscious is always trying to keep your identity alive .
10:25 – Our subconscious looks for facts to validate our negative thoughts.
12:30 – Survival is not the problem anymore.
13:27 – Mastery of mindset is the next evolution of man.
14:30 – The ratio of conscious mind to unconscious mind.
18:13 – How to create meaningful change in our lives.
21:45 – Jeff’s mindset testimonial. 24:00 – More options in your life.

About Rob Scott

Master coach, teacher, and lover of presence. I shift people's minds, and help them massively transform. Get in touch here.


  1. Hi Rob, I recently discovered you from the Art of Charm…amazing! Will you be doing more of these talks with Jeff?? I am loving them and would love to hear more!


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