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PK Experience Podcast Interview with Peter King

Life is difficult sometimes. Especially when lots of hard things happen all at once.

Any single one of those challenges has the potential to leave you with “meanings” that could stop you in your tracks. Experiencing a ton at once will definitely hold you back.

If you’re going through that right now, I’m sorry. Trust me, I know what it feels like to have life repeatedly knock you down.

Check out this interview I did with my great friend Peter King on The PK Experience Podcast, it just went live.

He grilled me about the harder details of my past. You know, the stuff I went through before my transformation into a coach. I share how specific events (abuse, addiction, and trauma) left me struggling with massive limits, and how I was finally able to overcome them.

Whether you’ve been through hard stuff or not, I know you can probably relate to feeling limited at times. The main point I was talking with Pete about was that we are all “meaning making machines.”

We are constantly creating meaning about ourselves, others, and the world. And if we see that we do this, we can shift the meaning.


If we have to deal with a lot of the “tough stuff,” it can hold us back in really serious ways. It may keep us from expressing ourselves and playing big to achieve our goals.

Our ability to heal the past, and end shame, rage, depression, guilt, etc… is a necessary skill to have. Gaining emotional mastery will allow you to breakthrough your unhealthy patterns and become a healthy, whole, solid individual.

Listen to Pete and I discuss the crucial strategies that might just help you transform your life too.

Here’s some other things we went over during the interview:

    • Mastering you attention and focus.
    • Repatterning your subconscious mind.
    • Where the “not enough” feeling comes from.
    • How our limits become the lenses we see the world through.
    • What emotional mastery looks like.
    • The three things you need to change to shift your identity.
    • Why the brain resists change.
    • Understanding the power of imagination.

I hope you enjoy our chat and find it valuable. I had a great time being interviewed and sharing my story. Here’s the link to the interview one more time: The PKE Podcast.

Pete’s an amazing interviewer. You should subscribe to his show, he’s often got amazing guests. (Not sure how I snuck on there.) ;)

Also, if you want to learn more about Identity Shifting and how you can have your own profound shift, click here to pop on over to the Identity Shifting site.

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