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You’ll Never Have REAL Success Without This

I have a couple quick questions for you... Do you continuously chase one goal right after the next? Are you waiting for things to be good “some day?” I’ve got a little secret for you. There is no “some day." There's no such thing. It’s … [Read more]

You Are a Meaning Making Machine (and How This Could Be Dangerous)

We are literally inventing our own reality with the stories we are telling ourselves. I’m not talking about anything woo-woo or magical here. I’m simply talking about the thoughts that we have. Our thoughts, when constantly recycled and … [Read more]

The Power of Story

Looking at today's news headlines, there appears to be a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in our world. In many ways it seems like we are more divided than ever. How did it get this way? It relates to the concept of “story.” Whether we are … [Read more]

Are You Infected with a Mind Virus?

We are living in overwhelming times. Many of us are having a hard time dealing with what's going on in the world.  There is political drama, economic and ecological challenges, as well as racial tension. We're facing technology and automation that … [Read more]

Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Another podcast interview went live today.  This one was with Jaime Masters of Eventual Millionaire.   Jaime is incredible and we had a blast recording this show.  She was great at getting to the important nuggets fast.   Here's … [Read more]

The “Back to Breath” Challenge

Your mind basically runs everything. Our minds are what drive how we feel about things.  They control how we make meaning.  They either allow us to focus or not.  And oddly, we don't get an instruction manual on how to run these minds of … [Read more]

Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating (Healing Your Life, Part 2)

If you're here, it's probable that you procrastinate.  In Part 1 of this mini-series, I shared what makes change so hard for us.  If you haven’t read that article yet, go ahead and start there.   That article exposed that change itself … [Read more]

Why Is Change So Hard (Healing Your Life, Part 1)

Why Is Change So Hard?  Or, why do we think it’s so hard?  Have you ever heard someone say that real change takes a long time to lock in?   Is that maybe something you’ve said yourself? Here’s the thing - if you’re telling yourself, or your … [Read more]

How Your Limiting Beliefs Keep You Safe… And Miserable

Imagine this scenario: You are a successful business owner or corporate employee. You’ve been working hard and putting in more hours every year but you never have much to show for it. Your income never grows, but your debt just keeps climbing.  You … [Read more]