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Episode 39 – Gain the Ability to Adapt and Thrive

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, you get a deep dive on thinking, thought creation, and meaning making. Learn why “thinking” is at the root of consciousness. Gain the skill to evolve your consciousness by mastering how you manage thought. If … [Read more]

Episode 38 – The Wisest Way to Navigate “Self”

This episode of The Rob Scott Show answers the question, “what is self?” Listen to it and discover the secret move you can do to navigate a better “self.” If you can drop the idea you are a single “self,” you’ll see there are many different … [Read more]

Episode 37 – The Meta Skill to Evolve Your Consciousness

How can you expect to achieve the outcomes you want in life, if you can’t manage your own attention and focus? The meta skill of noticing, controlling, and moving attention is powerful. Mastering your attention gives you more agency over your own … [Read more]

Episode 36 – Experience The Fundamental Shift

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, Rob and Sarah are putting the entire structure of “belief” under a microscope and exploring a different angle of meaning making than you might have heard before. They give a solid definition of The … [Read more]

Episode 35 – The “Wake Up” That’s Possible…

In this brand new episode of The Rob Scott Show, we dig into the Fundamental Shift in ways we never have before. We examine how this single mechanism can fundamentally alter your perception of what reality is and give you massive degrees of mental … [Read more]

The Sonya Looney Show

Check out the interview with myself and Sonya Looney. She asked me to be on her podcast and we had a great interview. She opened the conversation asking why your comfort zone isn't actually "comfortable." Often you get set on autopilot because of … [Read more]

Personal Development Mastery with Agi Keramidas

The great myth that many people fall for, is that we have to be victims to the realities of life. But good news - We have much more control over our experience than we realize.Our thoughts and beliefs are often the driving factors for how we … [Read more]

Intelligence for Your Life Podcast with Gib Gerard

I enjoyed being interviewed by Gib Gerard on the Intelligence for Your Life Podcast. We had a deep discussion about the elements of profound transformation. Listen to the full interview from the Intelligence for Your Life Podcast here. We … [Read more]

Episode 34 – Change Your Story

Do you have the tools to manage your own mindset? In this episode, Sarah and Rob provide tools for you to enhance and enjoy your life, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic. Right now, so many of us are being challenged by different … [Read more]

Untapped with Natalie Sisson

Have you identified a part of your life you want to change but you keep putting it off? Do you know you need to make a fundamental shift in your mind to really transform your life? I got to share my story and how I went from homeless to the top … [Read more]