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How Your Limiting Beliefs Keep You Safe… And Miserable

Imagine this scenario: You are a successful business owner or corporate employee. You’ve been working hard and putting in more hours every year but you never have much to show for it. Your income never grows, but your debt just keeps climbing.  You … [Read more]

Tools Alone Won’t Fix Your Problems

Most people don't have the exact body they want.  But I bet there is a "state of the art" gym right down the road from many of us. If someone wants to lose weight, improve your health, or just sport an awesome bod - all the tools they need are … [Read more]

Hack Your Thanksgiving: A 3-Course Gratitude Meal for Profound Happiness

If you’re in the US today, you’re probably celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m not going to get into the often-controversial history lessons here because we know that the past doesn’t determine the future - we can make this day whatever we … [Read more]

Rob Scott – Talks at Google

I want to share something amazing with you. I recently took a cross country trip to do something I've never done before. I was invited to give a "Talk at Google," which is kind of like a Ted Talk but, you know, at Google. So, I had the chance to … [Read more]

States and Stages: The Difference Between Being and Doing

I’ve explored the difference between “States” and “Stages” in an earlier blog post, but in this video, Jeff and I take the idea a little further. We’re going to talk about what you need to do to manage your state of mind and how to get comfortable … [Read more]

How to Change Without Using Willpower

In this Mastering Mindset video, Jeff and I talk about a radically different way to develop powerful habits and behaviors. Breaking bad habits is often incredibly difficult, but that's usually because most people never take the crucial first step … [Read more]

The 3 Step Process to Effectively Stop Negative Thinking

STOP Negative Thinking! In this talk, I finally got to tackle a topic that just may be the single most important factor to living a successful and happy life. Any time I take on a new client, I immediately assess their "level of … [Read more]

3 Steps to Change Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you feel about your life? Generally speaking, are you happy? I hope you truthfully answer yes, but it's okay if you don't. Sadly, most of my clients initially answer that  question with a big fat "NO!" The interesting thing is that … [Read more]

Rob’s Story

So, Jeff decided it was time I publicly tell my crazy life story. (Mom, he made me do it!) *WARNING* The content isn't exactly PG rated: I share some pretty crazy stuff, from experiencing years of really bad child abuse, to massive … [Read more]

What Really Motivates Us?

In this Mastering Mindset hangout, Rob and Jeff discuss how much we're actually trying to get to "the familiar," and not just trying to feel more pleasure (which is what everyone usually thinks is our core motivator). This concept is new, and … [Read more]