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Episode 10 – Become The Person Who Can Do It All

Do you make so many commitments that you can’t keep up with all of it? Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to do? So much so that you find you aren’t your word with your promises? This episode will give you tips on how to become … [Read more]

Episode 9 – How to Manage Impulse Control

 Are you struggling to match the things you know you should be doing to the the actions you’re actually taking? If so, you might need some help. We want to help you grow your self control, strengthen good habits, and achieve more. This episode … [Read more]

Episode 8 – Shifting From Unconscious Consumer to Inspired Creator

How would you feel if all you had to do in your life was consume? I mean literally being a king or queen - everything is is handled for you and you just sit there and wait for the grapes to be put straight in your mouth. How nice does that … [Read more]

A Simple Trick to Manage Your Attention

Always Struggling to Keep Up? There’s One Surprising Mistake You’re Making - It’s Not About Productivity! What are you paying attention to right now? You might notice a bit of irony in that question. See, most human beings are so focused on … [Read more]

Episode 7 – How to Find Clarity and Take Action Now

Learn two simple strategies to gain more clarity and stop being stuck in overwhelm. If you struggle with overwhelm, you will most likely notice a lack of clarity in your life. Ever have something little happen and right then, in the moment, it … [Read more]

Episode 6 – What’s Stopping You From Making More Money?

Alright, quick quiz time (Be honest!): Which do you find yourself saying more often? I want to be wealthy or… I love the money I have If you’re like a lot of the clients Rob’s helped, you are just dying to find that automatic button … [Read more]

Can You Stop Your Negative Thoughts?!?

Stopping thought is way simpler than most people think - that’s why it’s only the first step on your journey once you realize how much suffering runaway thoughts create in your life. In fact, you use this ability all the time - but you’re unaware … [Read more]

Episode 5 – How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Click Here to Subscribe to The Rob Scott Show on Youtube Rob and Sarah start off by examining where our emotions are really coming from. Are they reactions to external events or caused by internal thoughts? Rob talks about how certain emotions are … [Read more]

Episode 4 – Is Your Reality Trustable

Click Here to Subscribe to The Rob Scott Show on Youtube In this episode, Rob explains the biggest fundamental error in the human condition. Rob and Sarah delve into the topic of truth. We discuss if there are trustable truths, or if your reality … [Read more]

Episode 3 – Your Biggest Mental Error and The Single Key to Becoming “Unstuck”

Click Here to Subscribe to The Rob Scott Show on Youtube Rob helps you get “unstuck.” He explains the universal key to being more confident, productive, and fulfilled. We’re going to share with you more about beliefs, as well as introducing … [Read more]