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New website, new verve!

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… Without a strong rhyme to step to…” – Eric B and Rakim.

In that spirit, I’m sorry I didn’t leave a strong rhyme to step to.

Some of you have written asking where I went. My only answer is I’ve been: working on this new website, moving, working with individual clients, doing some public talks, being injured, not having podcast equipment set up, lifting, writing, jiu-jitsu-ing, being injured again, more lifting, lots of laughing, oh, and catching some shut eye.

It’s been a redefining and busy many months.

So a couple of quick updates, and then an intention statement.

First, here finally is the next stage of my website. I’m really happy with it. Thank you to those who worked on it: Web Guru Alex Hillman, Designer Dan Wilt, and the WordPress coders over at Dizzain. The current categories are where I’m starting, but they are subject to change, so let me know if they work for you. And some of the forms on here are still buggy, please bear with me. Oh, and I couldn’t import all the old comments, so we’re starting from scratch on that, sorry.

Second, I am working hard on the next web project. It will be an online coaching product. I’m seeing many applications of the things I talk about in my podcast and am building a comprehensive online course to teach those concepts. I have about as many individual clients as I can have at this point (insert gratitude here), so this is what I’m building for others who can’t work with me directly. Cruise on over to my offerings page and leave an email address if you are interested in hearing more about this project. You won’t be spammed, promise.

OK so the intention statement is this: I’m going to be more active with posting and whatnot. (Or really really try to be.)

I’m taking a different attitude on the posting thing. I used to only do a podcast, and the blog entries were really just descriptions of the shows. My intention wasn’t to tell the world about Rob Scott, but rather, just things I thought interesting to teach. Now I realize that some of you may want to know a little more about me and my interests. So I plan to blog a bit more just about stuff… We’ll see how that goes. (Don’t worry, it will still be related to evolving consciousness and whatnot.)

Also, I’m planning on doing some more videos as well. They should be more interesting than my old talks (let’s hope!). I’ve spent time learning how to do this whole video thing a little better. We’ll see if the learning took.

Anyway, next up is an old interview I found with my friend Kerri Kannan that I meant to post eons ago. Stay tuned, should be out any minute.

And oh yeah, be kind to yourself, and everybody else.

About Rob Scott

Master coach, teacher, and lover of presence. I shift people's minds, and help them massively transform. Get in touch here.


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