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6 Tips To Become Naturally Thin

Being “naturally thin” or “thinking thin” sounds like something out of another outrageous diet book or passing fad. But expert Marna Thall is tells us that you can lose weight without dieting. For more than 14 years, Marna has been studying and applying the laws and behaviors of the naturally thin to help people transform their lives and achieve the bodies they want and a life of balance and abundance.

Marna is an expert in the area developing a naturally thin life. Her story of rising from an overweight teenager in middle school to a naturally thin adult inspires thousands of people around the globe. Marna has authored several products, including “Naturally Thin Secrets” and the best selling challenge called “The 30-Day Blaster Challenge.”

Many overweight people would consider themselves “Naturally Fat,” so why can’t it be the other way around? And what sorts of behaviors and mindsets do the “Naturally Thin” use to stay that way? In the teleseminart I did with Marna she explains tons of counterintuitive tips and strategies to become naturally thin.

Here are 6 of the ‘Nuggets’ Marna has developed and techniques she uses to stay Naturally Thin (be sure to listen to the entire audio below for tons more information):

Honor your body and really check your eating habits. Eat because your body wants to eat and not eating based on emotions. Listen to your body and how your feeling. Be aware of the impact that food is having on your body.

Eating is like going to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom is purely physical, you don’t go to the bathroom when you do not need to. Same with eating, eat when you are hungry and not when you crave eating. You don’t crave going to the bathroom, you either do it naturally or you don’t.

When you are hungry, grab a piece of paper and write down what you need. Begin free writing and you will begin to address your emotions. Why are you feeling this need and what can you do to remedy this need without eating just because.

Deal with emotional things on an emotional level and deal with physical things on a physical level.

If you love going out to eat…Great! But add more to the food than just the eating. Think about what you will wear at dinner that night and how you will feel socializing with others. Bring other pieces into the picture and take the food out of focus.

Use a clock or a timer. When you are drawn to food and feeling hungry set a timer for 30 minutes. Do something you love to do for that half an hour (take a bath, read, socialize, shop). If after that 30 minute activity you still want to eat then you have now given yourself permission to do so….Don’t Say No, but take time to feel and connect with your hunger.

This interview was just tons of fun and I know you’ll get a lot out of what Marna has to say. Check it out here:


To learn more about Marna check out her website by clicking here. To get her free gift on how to beat emotional eating visit her sign up page by clicking here.

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