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Mastering Mindset Series – The Most Important Thing


In this Hangout, I share what exactly “mindset” is, and why it’s incredibly important to our success.

Quick Notes:

2:30 – If you don’t master your mindset, nothing matters.
3:30 – What exactly is “mindset?”
4:13 – The ability to see that we have a certain mindset.
5:18 – The WRONG mindset about weight loss.
6:05 – The RIGHT mindset for successful weight loss.
7:02 – Why mindset isn’t just about thinking positively.
8:01 – Where does our mindset come from?
8:55 – Do you really wish you were doing more?
10:00 – What is awareness?
10:35 − 3 Things that happen mentally while looking at the world.
11:55 – How we feel is most important.
12:48 – My boss hates me!
13:52 – Some of us are naturally set to self sabotage.
15:43 – The frame of our awareness.
19:40 – How are you set up to be looking at your own life?
20:15 – Change your beliefs.

About Rob Scott

Master coach, teacher, and lover of presence. I shift people's minds, and help them massively transform. Get in touch here.