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Is “Internet Marketing” a Misnomer?

“Internet Marketing is a misnomer…”  -Dan Kennedy

I was recently listening to Dan Kennedy, and he shared the idea that Internet Marketing really isn’t a “thing.”  Not really.  It’s like calling something “Sign Marketing,” or “Yellow Pages Marketing.”  It’s not where you put the message that makes it marketing, it’s the message itself…

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He’s exactly right.

The internet is an incredible tool. It amplifies and extends a message like never before.  We’ve never been able to reach literally thousands of people (ok, even millions and billions of people) at close to zero cost.  That’s a completely new phenomenon.  Maybe 10 years old or so…

Not only that, but using auto-responders, and different technologies, we can do some amazing things with the internet to create an incredible marketing message.  We can use video, and audio, and speak to groups and have a killer newsletter, etc.

So the internet is powerful, and it’s complex.  And maybe that wins it a special category in the marketing world – “Internet Marketing.”

But Dan’s point is this:  If your marketing message sucks, then putting on the internet only amplifies that crappy message.  Using the tools the internet offers us MUST be based in solid marketing concepts…

Something THEY want.

If you’re trying to do some marketing online, and you’d like to know if it’s solid, or you’re struggling to find your “hook” or your “free gift,” feel free to bounce your idea(s) off me.  Go ahead and click this link to grab a “Marketing Breakthrough” session with me.  No obligation and we’ll jam on your idea for 20-30 minutes.

Here you go:



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  1. Had some amazing talks today about the “hook” that makes an idea stick. Love it!

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