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How to Manage Your Levels of Gratification…

Balancing the desire for instant gratification is a crucial skill. We’re not going to be successful if we live in the “extremes.” Sustainability is the key.

There are obvious issues with over indulging in instant gratification. But what’s the danger in landing too hard on the other side? What happens if we only experience delayed gratification?

When we have too much control, or seriously restrict pleasurable behaviors, we can become equally unhealthy.

Think about the analogy of someone struggling with anorexia. Someone constantly delaying gratification to the extreme. What happens to someone who never gives in to the pleasure of eating food? They will experience serious health issues and may even die.

The bigger challenge here is to find the “proper balance of gratification.”

It’s important to practice maintaining a healthy balance of what is “too much” and what is “not enough.” We want to learn how to find joy and beauty in the present moment, and be able to grow over time.

Most of us need to find the right balance with our impulse control. Doing that and having an appreciation for the present moment will change your life.

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