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Episode 45 – The Skill of Escaping Time

This latest episode of the Rob Scott Show is all about time. Rob and Sarah discuss exactly how time can trap you in delusion.

Like chasing a moving horizon, we get stuck on the “treadmill of time.” Many of our problems come from the belief that we’re “not there yet.”

If you can’t ground yourself in “now,” your ability to appreciate what where you are will atrophy. Even if you get good at accomplishing, a future based mindset will keep you from being present.

Discover how to improve your psychological experience of time by appreciating now. There’s a better relationship you can have with the universe. It’s learning to accept you’re always exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The problem with time
  • Stuck on the treadmill of time
  • Literal and psychological time
  • The overlap of time, self, and judgement
  • Flow states ad tracking the passage of time
  • Ruminating or being “stuck in time”
  • The psychology of time
  • Thought, modeling, and time
  • A moving horizon
  • The power of appreciating the moment
  • How society keeps us trapped in time
  • Awareness of now, leaving “the next thing”
  • There is no “there,” it’s only here
  • Redefining wealth
  • How “NOW” enhances being alive
  • Stop being lost in imagination of past or future
  • Biological and evolutionary impulses
  • The danger of thinking I’m not there yet
  • Implementing “I am where I need to be”
  • A different relationship with the universe
  • How to be happy and fulfilled
  • Understanding the ego
  • Why leaving time is the same as leaving self
  • Joy and flow states
  • Leaving self and The Fundamental Self
  • Tangible spirituality
  • Our ability to adapt and learn and figure things out
  • How to feel deep gratitude
  • The power of wonder and awe
  • Time and The Fundamental Shift
  • Breaking the attachment to time

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