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Episode 43 – A Smarter Way to Navigate Values

In this episode of the Rob Scott Show, you’ll learn a new way to navigate your values. Rob and Sarah redefine what values are and how value judgments come into play.

Values are often running very unconsciously for us. We use values to help navigate what we think and how we behave. When value conflicts arise it can cause us to suffer. Self love and acceptance can be crucial.

Remembering a value is a judgement we’re making about “self” and the world, helps us understand them. Understanding our impulses and how to navigate our own values is crucial.

This skill is necessary in solving bigger societal issues.

Enjoy this conversation around defining values, navigating behavior, and shifting society.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Understanding values
  • The relationship between values and goals
  • Relevance realization
  • Behavioral values vs espoused values
  • The story of self
  • Time and the “NOW”
  • Juggling our different values
  • How values relate to your sense of self
  • Redefining what values are
  • Value judgements
  • Time as a construction
  • How values relate to lenses
  • Perceptions vs conceptions
  • Understanding impulses and holding values
  • How values are unconscious
  • Navigating value conflicts within groups
  • Managing our own values
  • Self-mastery and values
  • Conscious behaviors and value judgements
  • Awareness of our own impulses
  • Holding values and navigating addiction
  • Our unconscious behaviors that impacts behavior
  • The human condition and the stories we care
  • How values can impact your future judgements
  • Duality and judgements influencing values
  • Mastering values and shifting society
  • Global and societal values
  • A “race to the bottom” and how to do the right thing
  • Holding values that help the collective

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