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Episode 39 – Gain the Ability to Adapt and Thrive

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, you get a deep dive on thinking, thought creation, and meaning making.

Learn why “thinking” is at the root of consciousness. Gain the skill to evolve your consciousness by mastering how you manage thought. If you can control when and what you’re thinking, you will instantly have more agency over your own life. As well as added control over your feelings and behavior.

Optimizing your meaning transforms your reality and allows you to adapt and thrive through any situation. This is a foundational part of The Fundamental Shift and the skill necessary to handle the complexities of life.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Thinking and the Fundamental Shift
  • The ripple effect of a single thought
  • Mistakes in our thinking
  • Knowledge vs wisdom vs thinking
  • Thoughts creation and language
  • Why thinking is more important than you think
  • Most people can’t stop thinking…
  • Gaining agency over your thinking
  • Thinking and meaning making
  • Your thinking is basic to what your consciousness is
  • Heuristics and meaning
  • Why words are so influential
  • Examining semantics of language
  • Dropping thought and entering “is-ness”
  • How thoughts create beliefs
  • Unconscious meaning making
  • Stop the mental drama in your mind
  • Witness function allows you to detach
  • Honing the skill of useful meaning making
  • Finding pleasure in managing your thinking
  • Meanings, heuristics, and thinking
  • Non-material thinking “space”
  • Your thoughts change your experience of you
  • The skill of evolution
  • Optimize you meaning moment by moment
  • Why it’s important to level up your consciousness
  • How the Fundamental Shift can help the world
  • Tools to help evolve consciousness

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