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Episode 38 – The Wisest Way to Navigate “Self”

This episode of The Rob Scott Show answers the question, “what is self?” Listen to it and discover the secret move you can do to navigate a better “self.”

If you can drop the idea you are a single “self,” you’ll see there are many different versions of self available. Navigating which “self” you are in any moment is the beginning of wisdom.

You can also choose to transcend self completely. This foundational skill is not the end of a spiritual journey. It’s the mechanism that allows you to create meaningful change.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Defining What “Self” Is
  • The Relationship between Identity and Outcomes
  • Why Self Isn’t Permanent
  • How the “Self” Persists
  • The Self Evolves Over Time
  • Oversimplification of “Self”
  • Creating a Self That Can Receive
  • Optimizing Your Personal Model of Self
  • Why You’re Not What You Think
  • Breakup with the Assumption of “Self”
  • The “Self” as Another Model
  • How to Handle a Self That Resists
  • Become Aware that Self is a Construct
  • The Key to Transcending Self
  • The Fundamental Shift and Self
  • Creating Powerful Models
  • Knowing How to Access Outside of Self
  • How to Leave “Self”
  • Is-ness and Ought-ness
  • Using Wisdom to Navigate Self
  • The Meaning Crisis

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