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Episode 31 – The Most Useful Skill in Personal Development

The latest episode of the Rob Scott Show shares why reality isn’t always what it seems to be.

We discuss why we often have misconceptions around what’s “real,” and why so many of us are lost in our own delusions and fantasies.

Then I share the #1 skill you can master in personal development. (#truthbomb)

It’s the MOST powerful shift you can make in your life. If you get this, you’ve changed the game forever.

Break free from attachment to thoughts, and being moving your attention to experience. This is the path to freedom.

Become aware of when your thoughts are causing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Then detach from the “reality” of them. This is managing your mind in the most powerful way.

Please enjoy this episode.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The biggest misconception about reality
  • Understanding what’s real
  • Why we get lost in fantasy
  • Differentiating between thought and experience
  • A useful model for managing your mind
  • How to become self aware
  • Understanding delusional thinking
  • The manual to be self aware
  • Why most humans are lost in thought
  • The foundational difference between thoughts and experience
  • Benefits to being able to find presence
  • The path to fearlessness
  • Examining attachment of thought
  • Why joy lives in the moment
  • How to distinguish between thought and experience
  • The power of mindfulness
  • How to stop suffering for good

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