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Episode 30 – The Art and Science of Goal Setting

This is an important episode to check out if you’re looking to get things done. We explore the art and science of powerful goal setting. We also debunk some common goal setting mistakes.

The first crucial thing to understand is how goals and intentions are different. They are both important, but they are different in one distinct way.

Next you need the power of decision. If you can find decisiveness around what matters most to you, then you can envision your big intention.

Next you break that vision down into clear, realistic goals. Ones that are supporting your values and totally within your control to achieve.

I hope this episode helps you gain clarity around how to set big goals, and the courage to take action.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The difference between intentions and goals
  • Secrets of successful goal setting
  • How to create actionable goals
  • Why stating your intentions is important
  • What success looks like
  • The clarity of visible goal setting
  • Debunking common goal setting mistakes
  • Why intentions should be big and goals should be realistic
  • The power of deciding on what matters most
  • Three steps to achieving your goals
  • How intention leads to creation
  • Why values are related to self-love
  • Intentions carve a path to clear goals
  • Use motivation to take action
  • Dissecting internal value conflicts
  • Why we want to preserve our options
  • Redefining what “values” mean
  • The importance of prioritizing what you want

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