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Episode 29 – *Special Episode* Beyond the Podcast

This episode of The Rob Scott Show is a love letter to our group coaching programs. This is your opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of The Identity Shifting Mastermind. You’ll learn about the creation of it, and the unique strategy that drives it.

We explore in detail exactly what an “identity shift” is. Explain why it’s the only way to have permanent and profound breakthroughs in your life. Also, why having breakthroughs in front of others is more powerful than alone.

Finally, we talk about our latest offering, The Fundamental Shift Coaching Group. This new program is affordable and effective. You get monthly coaching calls, and access to a vibrant community of conscious humans. You also get an “all-access pass” to every personal development course Rob ever created.

Please enjoy this episode as we go “beyond the podcast,” and share with you some of the work we do. I hope you find this valuable and consider joining either or both of the programs. If you’re looking for profound personal development, these are great options.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Exploring Rob’s coaching style and background
  • Explaining our two coaching opportunities and how they are different
  • Why group programs can create bigger breakthroughs
  • Dissecting what’s included in The Identity Shifting Mastermind
  • Revealing the coaching strategies behind building our group coaching program
  • What impact does a “breakthrough” have and when will it happen
  • Hearing from past ISM alumni about their experiences in the program
  • Understanding what an “identity shift” is, and how we change
  • Exploring The Fundamental Shift Community
  • Looking at the model of thoughts, feelings, & behaviors
  • Why accountability and social pressure matter for success
  • How to join FSC and how to apply for ISM


We invite you to be a part of our free community. If you’re on Facebook, and you want to join a tribe of conscious humans, check us out. We’re supporting each other to set and achieve goals. As well as work on mindset, presence, and having massive breakthroughs. Click here to join us.

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