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Episode 15 – Optimize for Success and Happiness

There are two very different tracks the field of psychology is interested in. Historically it’s been mostly about fixing dysfunction. Helping sick people get to “normal.” But more recently, psychologists are learning what it takes to go from normal to becoming exceptional.

In this episode we get into Martin Seligman’s “Three Lives” which are three areas we can grow and change right now. There are three clear things that can make your normal life much more exceptional.

By the end of this you’ll know how to increase everyday pleasure for yourself. You’ll know how to find more passion and flow states. And how to add more purpose and deep meaning to your life.

Improving any one of these areas will help you, but growing all three can really change the game for you.

Rob also provides a handful of quick tips to help you improve. We discuss how mindfulness can give you sustainable pleasure. What the actual difference is between passions, pleasures, and purpose. And we share a valuable mindset shift to help you discover what your purpose is.

In this episode we also discuss:

  • The two goals of psychology.
  • Three pillars of happiness.
  • Getting from suffering to normal.
  • Getting from normal to exceptional.
  • Understanding the three kinds of lives.
  • Increasing sustainable pleasure.
  • How being in experience makes us wealthy.
  • Finding what your passions are.
  • Dropping into more flow states.
  • The difference between pleasures and passions.
  • Discover what really make us happy.
  • How important purpose is to fulfillment.
  • How to simplify finding your purpose.
  • How to blend the “Three P’s.”
  • The story of Marge and her bowling team.
  • How to increase self love.
  • Rewiring our stories about ourselves.

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