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How Enlightenment is Exactly Like Laser Hair Removal

I’ve been on a few dates in my day.  Sometimes after a really nice time out, my date and I would start kissing, and maybe even taking things a little further.

Then I’d reach down and run my hand across her leg, and without fail she’d say something like…

“Hey!  Wait…  I have some stubble on my legs.”

Ladies, believe me when I say, no man really cares if you have a little stubble.  But my point is this: It seems to be a fairly universal concern for women in that situation.  Women (who shave) would like silky smooth legs.

Not to state the obvious, but shaving is a great solution for this problem.

But it’s a very short lived solution.  Shaving removes the immediate issue perfectly, but the problem isn’t really gone.  It’s still right there, under the surface, waiting to come back.

The next level of solution is waxing.  

Yes, that will work better.  Because waxing removes the entire problem.  The whole hair is removed.  Kind of painful, but a fantastic solution to the problem.

If my date had waxed before we went out, we could have easily gone to dinner…  And a show…  And I could have even slept over…  If I checked those legs in the morning, and all would still be silky smooth.

This is a deeper solution.  But sadly still not permanent.  Three days later, the problem is back.

Even though the entire hair was removed, the hair follicle still works.

Like a little “problem factory,” it begins making a new hair which will need to be dealt with down the line.

A lot of “solutions” in life are like that…  

They help for a little while, but the problem comes back.

As an example, take chiropractors.  I’ve experienced two kinds of chiropractors:

  • One kind is genuinely interested in fixing your pain permanently
  • One kind that seems to just get you on some kind of maintenance plan

Doesn’t it seem most of the time, they are happy to give you a solution that works for a little bit, but requires you to come back, in a day, a week, a month?  “We’re going to have to keep adjusting you so that we can keep you aligned…”

Our pharmaceutical industry does this too.  It is way more profitable for them to sell you a pill that will suppress the problem but be needed again tomorrow, versus a vaccine that fixes everything forever.

Almost everything is like this… 

Having a drink after a long stressful day works perfectly, just like shaving.  It alters your state, and in the moment “fixes” the problems of stress for the day, but it’s not permanent.  You wake up tomorrow, have a stress filled day, and need another drink.

We feel bored or sad, or anxious, and we flip on the TV, grab some ice cream, and we feel better in the moment…  Until the sugar passes, and the show ends, and we’re left right where we were.  Actually worse now, because we’ve added some guilt for our behavior.

So much of our society is built around these short term TEMPORARY FIXES.

Little things that feel better now, but don’t change the core issue at all.

Many of us have real problems: anxiety, depression, etc.  So how do we fix it?  We use TV, or cheese doodles, or chocolate, or drinks…  We use anti-depressants, therapists, and masseuses.

Our entire economy is built on the perpetuation of the problem.  In fact, our economy needs the hair to grow back.

But what about laser hair removal?  

Laser hair removal doesn’t remove just the part of the problem like shaving does.  And it doesn’t just pluck out the hair like waxing does.

It goes in and alters the hair follicle itself so it can no longer create hair.

The hair creation machine itself is altered forever.  It literally goes in and changes the ability of the problem making machine itself.

Enlightenment changes you at the core.

In a sentence, enlightenment is this:  It permanently alters your relationship to problems.

And it does this at the core of your being, permanently.

It doesn’t give you “better tools” to deal with problems.  Instead, it changes your ability to create problems and suffering at the core.

It is the “laser hair removal” of spirituality.

Like laser hair removal, you are no longer able to create the problem.  In short, It alters the problem creating machine itself.

Enlightenment is not magic.  It’s also not a place that human beings need to train and prepare to get to. You don’t need to sit under a tree for 10 years to find it.  It’s right here, right now, under your nose.  Literally all the time.

Enlightenment is much more real,  much more tangible, and much more instant than we’ve been told.

The biggest question is HOW? 

How can I experience the lasting permanent change?

My strategy for success consists of 3 parts. If you get these 3 things, you’ll achieve incredible happiness in your life:

  1. Finding a mentor that is interested in PERMANENT CHANGE. (If I had not found my mentor at an early age, I would most likely not be where I am today.)
  2. Having the RIGHT SYSTEM to follow that creates the necessary shifts you’ll need to make the shift.
  3. The ability to ALTER YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS mind directly so that change is safe and permanent.  (We need an “Identity Shift”.)

I suffered for many years from abuse, addiction, homelessness, death of loved ones, and even cancer. My path to an enlightened life was actually quite difficult, but yours doesn’t have to be.  I learned the hard way, and took a few bumps and bruises before I woke up enlightened.

But, my journey has led to the creation of a system that I call “The Identity Shifting MasterClass.”

I’ve developed the system and made it accessible for anyone really ready for change. It’s a step by step guide to permanent enlightenment. Take a look here to learn more about it. This is an amazing opportunity to really wake up and get the change you’ve always wanted.

If you’re tired of shaving, check out the “The Identity Shifting MasterClass” here.

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  1. Dana Thomas says

    Rob- I love this analogy. As someone who has sought permanent changes in life and core enlightenment as well as struggled with hair issues. But I will tell you that laser hair removal only works on the dark hairs, not the light. With that awareness I have learned that part of personal growth is also accepting the things that can’t be

  2. I have a lot about Enlightenment as laser hair removal. And you got great points here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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