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Contact Us… (old)

Hey Now! If you have any questions at all and need to contact us, about anything (a product, our services, etc.), just use the form below. Or maybe you just want to send us a “Success Story”  <— (love those so much!)

Either way, we read every message that comes in and strive to respond to emails as soon as possible.

NOTE: We’ve added yet another layer of perfection to the team, for your customer satisfaction.  Jeff Yancey has taken on trying to wrangle the dynamic duo into an organized crime fighting squad, and will now be serving as our primary contact on all that needs special attention or customer service.  Your emails are very important to us, and by adding Jeff (AKA Commissioner Gordon), you are all but assured to be taken care of in times of need.  Make sure you email us directly at support at robscott dot com.

Jeff “Commissioner Gordan” Yancey

Yancey .054

So now we have Patman and <sigh> Robin, reporting to Commissioner Gordan??

Trust me, if The Commissioner needs to get me in the loop, he knows where the Alarm is for his dynamic duo, although secretly I think he wants to be wearing the tights ;)

“Patman” and “Robin…”   Reporting to the Commissioner
Pat_B&W.043 Rob_Plane.038 Yancey .054

P.S. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously. If after submitting your issue in the form above, you feel we may have missed your message, please write: support at robscott dot com. Thanks!