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Private Coaching

Who You Are

You’re great at what you do and are already successful in your business, whether it’s a bricks & mortar outfit or an office you run from home.

You probably fall into one of these profiles:

  • You’ve been in business for awhile, and don’t have a regular marketing habit, so your revenue isn’t as high as it could be
  • You know how sales and marketing work in person, but don’t know how that translates to making money online
  • You are a speaker, author, or other public figure who wants to spread her message to a larger audience, but isn’t sure where to begin
  • You’re just getting started (or are starting over) and need the fast track to a sustainable stream of clients, customers, and revenue.
  • Business was good, but then it fell off. What’s going on, and how do you get out of this slump, NOW?

What You’re Looking For

You are a smart person, and a quick learner. But the books and DIY programs and social chats with friends and colleagues can only get you so far. What you really want is to figure out exactly what you need to do.

And then do it.

You want a plan. You want  answers from someone who’s been there. Someone who knows what he’s talking about. You want a user’s guide—in plain English—to how the whole online marketing system works for YOUR business.

And you want to know which strategies will get you from A to B, most easily with the least work (it’s not that you don’t like work, it’s just that marketing probably isn’t the work you most want to do).

At the end of the day, you need results. And once you have the plan, you want help implementing it. So you can talk through the decisions you’re facing, and make sure you stay in action and keep moving forward.

Make More Money Online

Whether you are just starting out or are ready to build your empire, work with Rob one-on-one to set up, ramp up, or leverage your marketing to make more money online.

Your private coaching program is custom-built to teach you what you need to know when you need to know it. Plus, you’ll burn through the stuff that’s getting in your way.  Private coaching is the fastest way to get results. See what Rob’s clients have to say.

Private coaching outcomes:

  • You’ve got a message the world needs to hear. I’ll coach you on creating products and services around that—or even a whole business.
  • You already have a successful business but aren’t marketing well online. I’ll train you on how to use online marketing and the internet properly to promote your work, attract new customers, and uncover new marketing channels and revenue streams.
  • You’re busy with the details and it’s keeping you from playing a bigger game.  I’ll dig you and your head out from under the piles of responsibilities and minutia, so you can focus on and prioritize what really matters—personally and professionally—so you get back in action and sneak up on your goals like a ninja.
  • Your expertise is in something other than business and marketing, but you’re looking for more visibility & exposure. I’ll show you how to leverage online marketing to spread your message, gain a following, help more people, and make a great living while you do it.
  • You’re a rock star business owner with some ambitious business goals. I’ll help you find the strategies to get you there, and install the mindset and systems it’ll take to breakthrough to the “next level” of your business.
  • You are an expert who wants to focus on higher-paying, top tier clients. I’ll give you a custom plan for creating your marketing message and business model so that can happen quickly, and I’ll work with you to make it happen.

Want Rob as your coach?

Schedule a complimentary Marketing Breakthrough” session where we’ll talk about what’s not working in your marketing, what you need to do to fix it, and how I can help you make more money online.