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How to Change Without Using Willpower

In this Mastering Mindset video, Jeff and I talk about a radically different way to develop powerful habits and behaviors.

Breaking bad habits is often incredibly difficult, but that’s usually because most people never take the crucial first step to starting a new behavior. In order to guarantee long term success with any new habit, you must first change your “identity” – you need to experience what I call an “Identity Shift.”

Think about something you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Now consider the behaviors you need to habituate to make that happen.

With that in mind, check out this video to learn more about getting massive, immediate results by using the immediate shortcut of changing your identity:

Quick Notes:

0:50 – Why is changing identity important?
2:25 – New identity and new habits
4:30 – Subconscious mind
5:50 − 30 Days to form a new habit
7:50 – Implanting ideas in the subconscious
9:30 – New behaviors of an Entrepreneur
11:30 – Hypnosis
13:00 – The mistake most coaches make
17:00 – Trying to develop new habits without changing identity

Interested in changing your identity into the version of yourself you most want? Click here to learn more about Identity Shifting.

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