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This Is The Hard Part

Today I want to explain the hard part of simplifying, and why most of us are so BAD at it.

Simplifying, at it’s core, is about saying NO.

We need to start saying no to over committing, saying no to new ideas, saying no to friends and family requests, saying no to that new gadget that we know we won’t use.

We say no so that we can REALLY do what we say yes to.

How different would your life be if you really did all the things you promised yourself and others you would do?

This can be really hard when we’re overly worried about what others think of us.  “What will happen to Jenny if I don’t do this report?”  “What will Tom think if I say no to golf this week?” 

This kind of thinking can keep us trapped.

We need to realize that simplification is about cutting things out. But we’re not cutting things out to have or do less, but rather to bring quality and attention to WHAT REALLY MATTERS in our life.

As soon as this makes sense, it becomes easier to start saying no to the things that aren’t as important.  When we can say no to the unimportant, life becomes much more manageable, and much more simple.

What are you doing in your life that isn’t aligned with your highest vision for yourself?  Go ahead and stop doing that right now, you have my permission. :)