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Episode 39 – Gain the Ability to Adapt and Thrive

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, you get a deep dive on thinking, thought creation, and meaning making.

Learn why “thinking” is at the root of consciousness. Gain the skill to evolve your consciousness by mastering how you manage thought. If you can control when and what you’re thinking, you will instantly have more agency over your own life. As well as added control over your feelings and behavior.

Optimizing your meaning transforms your reality and allows you to adapt and thrive through any situation. This is a foundational part of The Fundamental Shift and the skill necessary to handle the complexities of life.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Thinking and the Fundamental Shift
  • The ripple effect of a single thought
  • Mistakes in our thinking
  • Knowledge vs wisdom vs thinking
  • Thoughts creation and language
  • Why thinking is more important than you think
  • Most people can’t stop thinking…
  • Gaining agency over your thinking
  • Thinking and meaning making
  • Your thinking is basic to what your consciousness is
  • Heuristics and meaning
  • Why words are so influential
  • Examining semantics of language
  • Dropping thought and entering “is-ness”
  • How thoughts create beliefs
  • Unconscious meaning making
  • Stop the mental drama in your mind
  • Witness function allows you to detach
  • Honing the skill of useful meaning making
  • Finding pleasure in managing your thinking
  • Meanings, heuristics, and thinking
  • Non-material thinking “space”
  • Your thoughts change your experience of you
  • The skill of evolution
  • Optimize you meaning moment by moment
  • Why it’s important to level up your consciousness
  • How the Fundamental Shift can help the world
  • Tools to help evolve consciousness

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Episode 38 – The Wisest Way to Navigate “Self”

This episode of The Rob Scott Show answers the question, “what is self?” Listen to it and discover the secret move you can do to navigate a better “self.”

If you can drop the idea you are a single “self,” you’ll see there are many different versions of self available. Navigating which “self” you are in any moment is the beginning of wisdom.

You can also choose to transcend self completely. This foundational skill is not the end of a spiritual journey. It’s the mechanism that allows you to create meaningful change.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Defining What “Self” Is
  • The Relationship between Identity and Outcomes
  • Why Self Isn’t Permanent
  • How the “Self” Persists
  • The Self Evolves Over Time
  • Oversimplification of “Self”
  • Creating a Self That Can Receive
  • Optimizing Your Personal Model of Self
  • Why You’re Not What You Think
  • Breakup with the Assumption of “Self”
  • The “Self” as Another Model
  • How to Handle a Self That Resists
  • Become Aware that Self is a Construct
  • The Key to Transcending Self
  • The Fundamental Shift and Self
  • Creating Powerful Models
  • Knowing How to Access Outside of Self
  • How to Leave “Self”
  • Is-ness and Ought-ness
  • Using Wisdom to Navigate Self
  • The Meaning Crisis

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Episode 37 – The Meta Skill to Evolve Your Consciousness

How can you expect to achieve the outcomes you want in life, if you can’t manage your own attention and focus?

The meta skill of noticing, controlling, and moving attention is powerful. Mastering your attention gives you more agency over your own self and the outcomes you want.

Attention is the foundational concept behind everything we want. It’s what allows us to focus and appreciate what we want out of life, and directly relates to thought management.

If we can learn to have more awareness and mastery over our attention we’re on the right track to gain powerful wisdom.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Understanding the Importance of Awareness
  • Having a Relationship With Conscious Awareness
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • The Only Two Categories of Attention
  • Thought Simulations
  • Modeling that Takes Us Away from Reality
  • Thought, Experience, Imagination
  • Having more Agency Over How We Experience Life
  • Improving Our Meaning Making
  • Holding Attention, Improving Focus
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Attentional Awareness
  • How to Apply Wisdom to Your Attention
  • Identity Shifting
  • The Relationship of Attention and Thinking
  • Learning to Create Better Experiences
  • Foundational Concepts to Having a Fundamental Shift
  • The “Paradox” of the Fundamental Shift
  • The Error of Focusing on the Loudest Problem
  • How to Get What We Really Want
  • Self Mastery, Self Actualization, Self Transcendence
  • Simplifying Your Overwhelm
  • The Capability and Agency to Make Decisions
  • Simple but Powerful Self Mastery
  • Mediation and Mindfulness
  • Demonstrating Wise Thinking
  • The Origin of Suffering
  • Back to Breath Meditation Challenge
  • The Skill of Applying this Meta Skill
  • Impulse Management

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Episode 36 – Experience The Fundamental Shift

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show, Rob and Sarah are putting the entire structure of “belief” under a microscope and exploring a different angle of meaning making than you might have heard before.

They give a solid definition of The Fundamental Shift and teach what “self” really is. They also show how we’re not always in control of what we’re “modeling,” and can have more agency over what truth and perspectives we’re taking on.

The Fundamental Shift is a singular move, that keeps us from being lost in whatever version of “self” and “truth” we’re being swept up in. It’s both deeply profound and deeply simple. It’s available to all types of people and can have massive benefits to individuals and society at large.

A meaningful connection to the Fundamental Shift actually means you’re transcending self, which allows you to permanently shift “self” in powerful ways. This can have a great impact on societal change and collective cooperation.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The 3 Levels of Shifting
  • Fundamental Shift vs Identity Shifting
  • Exploring the Concept of “Time”
  • Bringing our Attention to Now or Presence
  • The Human Condition
  • Subjective Experiences
  • Exploring Modeling in Our World Today
  • What Consciousness is Created From
  • Why Do We Make the Meaning We Make
  • Shifting In and Out of Perspective
  • Learning How to Notice Intentional Truths
  • Examining the Whole Structure of Beliefs
  • “Forces” of Life that Impact Our Behavior
  • Gaining a Sense of Self in a Powerful Way
  • The Mechanism of of Meaning
  • How to Have an Infinite Capacity for Beliefs
  • Changing Self from Within Self
  • What Self Transcendence Looks Like
  • Resetting Assumptions and Beliefs
  • The Next Level of Human Consciousness
  • Surviving and Thriving
  • Who Benefits from the Skill of Profound Change
  • Suffering as Motivation for Transformation
  • We Need to Adapt to Complexity
  • The Uncertainty of Beliefs
  • Learning How to Be Capable
  • The Origin of Meaning
  • Stop Being Stuck in Modeling
  • Detach from What Makes You Suffer in Life
  • Dropping Thought and Entering Experience
  • Exposing Our Attachments and How it Causes Suffering

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Episode 35 – The “Wake Up” That’s Possible…

In this brand new episode of The Rob Scott Show, we dig into the Fundamental Shift in ways we never have before.

We examine how this single mechanism can fundamentally alter your perception of what reality is and give you massive degrees of mental freedom.

Knowing about the Fundamental Shift is, and experiencing it first hand, will give you a whole new relationship with truth as well as the power to break up with limiting perspectives and gain the ability to be more wise.

Wisdom is more than just knowing. It’s the ability to have proper judgement.

In a complex world, where we are navigating a lot, this skill is essential. Not only do we want to survive, but we also want to thrive and evolve, so that we can be the best versions of “self” and have a positive impact on the collective society.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Fundamental Shift and Psychology – Gregg Henriques Ph.D.
  • Updates About Our New Business Model
  • The Fundamental Shift Training
  • How The Fundamental Shift Can Change Society
  • Navigating Meaning Making During a Pandemic
  • Why We Get Attached to a Way of Being
  • The Meaning Making Process and The Human Condition
  • Understanding What the Fundamental Shift Is
  • Gaining Degrees of Mental Freedom
  • The Benefit of Having a Fundamental Shift
  • Escaping from the Limiting Perspectives
  • Why Most People are Delusional
  • How Reality is Created
  • Understanding the Heuristics and Meaning
  • The Origin of Unconscious Behaviors
  • One Important Move of Attention That Changes Everything
  • Why The Fundamental Shift is a Permanent Fix
  • Wisdom is Having Proper Judgement
  • How Invasive Language is to Our Construction of Meaning
  • Avoid the Manipulation of Marketing
  • Honoring Your Highest Values
  • Gaining the Skills of Relating Better
  • Creating New Habits in Our Unconscious
  • Changing “Self” at the Level of “Being”
  • How to Evolve Human Consciousness

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Episode 34 – Change Your Story

Do you have the tools to manage your own mindset?

In this episode, Sarah and Rob provide tools for you to enhance and enjoy your life, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

Right now, so many of us are being challenged by different obstacles. It’s more important than ever to master your inner narrative.

Moving your attention out of the “circle of concern” and into what you control, can be extremely useful, especially in difficult situations.

Having the ability to shift your meaning allows you to minimize suffering instantly. Gaining this skill lets you enhance your reality, no matter what you’re dealing with.

Remember, literally every thought you’re thinking is a form of story. It’s the meaning making that you’re doing at that moment.

Crafting a different narrative, for your own identity, for others, and for your own capabilities gives you the power to change your experience of any moment.

If you embody that skill you can minimize your suffering and become truly resilient in the face of adversity.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The widespread impact of COVID-19
  • How we can be resilient and withstand a pandemic
  • Understanding how we can shift our cultural stories
  • Two viruses – coronavirus and mind virus
  • Discovering personal development tools to use to manage your states
  • Changing to our “stories” to transform our reality
  • Are we using our ability to manage our attention
  • Balancing being informed and being stuck in a “news loop”
  • Real scenarios to apply the tools that are available to you
  • The difference between practicing, applying, and embodying a practice
  • How to remain resilient in the face of disaster
  • Bridge the gap between knowing and embodying the tools
  • Managing persistent negative thoughts and change your narrative
  • The power of stories, both individual and cultural
  • Why we practice mental mastery and what that really means
  • How to immediately change your relationship to suffering
  • The evolution to uncovering enlightenment
  • Discussing the joy of being alive
  • Learning about box breathing
  • Circle of concern, circle of control, and circle of influence
  • Take back the things that are within control
  • Applying the tools in a real life scenario
  • The power of moving your attention to what you can control

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Episode 33 – The Shortcut to Mastering Emotions

A new episode of The Rob Scott Show just went live.

Sarah and I recorded this before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, but we feel it couldn’t be better timed…

We focus on how to deal with difficult and overwhelming emotions.

Obviously we all need to do certain things right now to stay healthy. Not just for ourselves, but for others, especially those at risk.

However, another risk for many of us right now is our own emotional state. Many clients are telling me that they are feeling more fear and panic than ever before.

We’re all dealing with managing stress, anxiety, and fear about the state of the world.

So I’m happy to share a few simple ways to understand emotions, and then healthily change them.

Learn these simple moves and change how you’re experiencing your life for good, especially during times like this.

I hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

Be well and stay safe,

Rob :)

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Dissecting emotions
  • Understanding the motivation behind emotions
  • The thought-feeling-behavior model
  • What emotions are made up of
  • The relationship between thinking and feeling
  • A shortcut to end anxiety
  • Examining the stories that create emotions
  • Why thinking is addictive to us
  • How to drop thinking and move to sensation
  • Ways to change the experience of your emotions
  • Why emotions cannot exist on their own
  • How to not be victims of our emotions
  • The difference between thinking and sensation
  • Removing judgement from feeling
  • A shortcut to enlightenment
  • How to express emotions with maturity
  • Eliminate shame from having emotions
  • Why it’s important to fully feel feelings
  • How to manage your own consciousness
  • Emotions can be aspects of our identity
  • A shortcut to changing yourself

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Episode 32 – Developing a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Check out the latest episode of The Rob Scott Show. Rob and Sarah have a discussion about technology. They explore the purpose of technology, the impact it has on the world, and how to manage your personal relationship with it.

Technology was created to make things simpler, but it can also lead to overwhelm, fatigue, and disconnection. It’s important to be aware of where your attention is going, and not get lost in the usage of technology.

Listen in to find out some ideas and strategies on how to use technology.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • How to manage technology in the world today
  • Defining what technology really is
  • The impulse to create efficiencies
  • Technology and socialization
  • The many different uses for technology
  • Why our world has been changed with technology
  • The danger of automating too much
  • Is connection possible through technology
  • How to use moderation in consumption with technology
  • Having a healthy personal relationship with technology
  • Becoming aware of where our attention is
  • Why technology may create decision fatigue
  • Hold boundaries with technology
  • Discerning your values and finding what matters
  • How addiction plays into our technology usage
  • Why technology can help you manage technology
  • Technology as the impulse within us
  • The key to freedom and being happy and fulfilled

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Episode 31 – The Most Useful Skill in Personal Development

The latest episode of the Rob Scott Show shares why reality isn’t always what it seems to be.

We discuss why we often have misconceptions around what’s “real,” and why so many of us are lost in our own delusions and fantasies.

Then I share the #1 skill you can master in personal development. (#truthbomb)

It’s the MOST powerful shift you can make in your life. If you get this, you’ve changed the game forever.

Break free from attachment to thoughts, and being moving your attention to experience. This is the path to freedom.

Become aware of when your thoughts are causing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Then detach from the “reality” of them. This is managing your mind in the most powerful way.

Please enjoy this episode.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The biggest misconception about reality
  • Understanding what’s real
  • Why we get lost in fantasy
  • Differentiating between thought and experience
  • A useful model for managing your mind
  • How to become self aware
  • Understanding delusional thinking
  • The manual to be self aware
  • Why most humans are lost in thought
  • The foundational difference between thoughts and experience
  • Benefits to being able to find presence
  • The path to fearlessness
  • Examining attachment of thought
  • Why joy lives in the moment
  • How to distinguish between thought and experience
  • The power of mindfulness
  • How to stop suffering for good

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Episode 30 – The Art and Science of Goal Setting

This is an important episode to check out if you’re looking to get things done. We explore the art and science of powerful goal setting. We also debunk some common goal setting mistakes.

The first crucial thing to understand is how goals and intentions are different. They are both important, but they are different in one distinct way.

Next you need the power of decision. If you can find decisiveness around what matters most to you, then you can envision your big intention.

Next you break that vision down into clear, realistic goals. Ones that are supporting your values and totally within your control to achieve.

I hope this episode helps you gain clarity around how to set big goals, and the courage to take action.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The difference between intentions and goals
  • Secrets of successful goal setting
  • How to create actionable goals
  • Why stating your intentions is important
  • What success looks like
  • The clarity of visible goal setting
  • Debunking common goal setting mistakes
  • Why intentions should be big and goals should be realistic
  • The power of deciding on what matters most
  • Three steps to achieving your goals
  • How intention leads to creation
  • Why values are related to self-love
  • Intentions carve a path to clear goals
  • Use motivation to take action
  • Dissecting internal value conflicts
  • Why we want to preserve our options
  • Redefining what “values” mean
  • The importance of prioritizing what you want

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