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States and Stages: The Difference Between Being and Doing

I’ve explored the difference between “States” and “Stages” in an earlier blog post, but in this video, Jeff and I take the idea a little further. We’re going to talk about what you need to do to manage your state of mind and how to get comfortable and content with your stage of development.

What I’m really talking about when I say “States vs Stages” is the difference between ‘being’ and ‘doing.’ When we master our state of mind (our ‘being’), we move much more easily through our different development stages in life (our ‘doing’).

And what it all really boils down to is that ‘being’ needs ‘doing’ to become meaningful and powerful (and vice verse).

Think about the last time you started something new (piano lessons, tennis, a business) and remember how heavily your state of mind related to your stage of development.

Did you feel frustrated and upset by being in the beginner stage? Did this negative state of mind prevent you from moving further through the stages?

Keeping that in your head, take a look at this video to learn more about marrying your states with your stages to get closer to fulfillment and success.

P.S. I talk about this stuff on an even deeper level in the Identity Shifting MasterClass. Check it out.

Quick Notes:

2:00 – The illusion of happiness
4:50 – The burning monk
6:30 – Stillness in motion
7:30 – Success and fulfillment are equally as important
8:40 – States of mind/ Stages of development
13:20 – Managing your state
17:00 – Be okay with your state
21:00 – Art of fulfillment and the Science of success

How to Change Without Using Willpower

In this Mastering Mindset video, Jeff and I talk about a radically different way to develop powerful habits and behaviors.

Breaking bad habits is often incredibly difficult, but that’s usually because most people never take the crucial first step to starting a new behavior. In order to guarantee long term success with any new habit, you must first change your “identity” – you need to experience what I call an “Identity Shift.”

Think about something you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Now consider the behaviors you need to habituate to make that happen.

With that in mind, check out this video to learn more about getting massive, immediate results by using the immediate shortcut of changing your identity:

Quick Notes:

0:50 – Why is changing identity important?
2:25 – New identity and new habits
4:30 – Subconscious mind
5:50 − 30 Days to form a new habit
7:50 – Implanting ideas in the subconscious
9:30 – New behaviors of an Entrepreneur
11:30 – Hypnosis
13:00 – The mistake most coaches make
17:00 – Trying to develop new habits without changing identity

Interested in changing your identity into the version of yourself you most want? Click here to learn more about Identity Shifting.

The 3 Step Process to Effectively Stop Negative Thinking

STOP Negative Thinking!

In this talk, I finally got to tackle a topic that just may be the single most important factor to living a successful and happy life.

Any time I take on a new client, I immediately assess their “level of negativity.”


Because it’s impossible to be happy when your mind is full of negative thoughts.

The worst part about it is that the poor people whose minds are clouded with negative thoughts usually have NO IDEA that they are being controlled by them.

It’s kind of like a parasite that sucks out your energy and motivation.

It is crucial to clear your negative thinking and let a positive thought process take control. But How?

In the video above, I’ve broken it down into 3 steps:

  1. Awareness – The first step is literally becoming aware of what your negative thoughts are.
  2. Disprove the Truth – Most people make up RIDICULOUS “truths” about the world they live in. Most of which is not actually true, and there is great power in disproving those “truths.”
  3. Repattern the Positive – The final step is to replace the negative thoughts with positive thought. For example, “I’m such a loser, I will never make it in life” becomes “I’m a winner, Success comes easily.”

There’s a little more to it than that, but that’s a great overview of the process.

If you want to get the full system that will guarantee positive improvements to your entire life, CLICK HERE to check out the Identity Shifting MasterClass.

It’s a curriculum based program that will guide you through your massive transformation.

Or you can check out the hangout I did with Jeff (above) to hear more about this process.

Quick Notes:

2:30 – AWESOME Email from a viewer. :)
4:30 – Why it’s important to end negative thinking.
8:30 – Positive thinking is proven to be incredibly powerful.
9:30 – Most of our truth is actually just a perception.
10:30 – I am a terrible dancer –> Click here to see.
11:20 – 3 Steps to ending negative thoughts.
13:20 – Someone living in the negative thought process, has no idea it’s controlling their life.
16:20 – Negative thinking is a vicious circle.
17:00 – Self awareness

3 Steps to Change Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you feel about your life? Generally speaking, are you happy?

I hope you truthfully answer yes, but it’s okay if you don’t.

Sadly, most of my clients initially answer that  question with a big fat “NO!”

The interesting thing is that most of my clients are actually really together.  They are attractive, wealthy, secure people.  (And sometimes even famous!)

Looking at them from the outside, you’d have no idea that any of them were unhappy on the inside. But many are. Hiding their pain in plain sight, looking like everything is phenomenal.

The reasons why they are unhappy  look varied and all over the place:

  • Sabotaging healthy relationships.
  • Backing out of new business ventures.
  • Rejecting opportunity to make new friends.
  • Giving up on life long “dreams” because they seem unrealistic.

But there’s one core issue at work here, every time:

Limiting Beliefs.

When we have limits, we end up sabotaging ourselves all over the place.

Check in with yourself.  Do you bump up against the same ceiling of success? Do you mess up relationships every time you get 5 or 6 months in?

Whatever limits you may have, you’re not alone.

But I have great news.  I’ve dedicated my life to helping people stop suffering and achieve what they really desire.  And I’ve not only found a way to help them conquer their limiting beliefs, but I’ve committed to sharing these concepts with the world.

If you want to know exactly what I’m talking about, watch the video above, and then join my next Back to Breath Challenge.

Awareness is the first step to making a serious change in your life and your business right now.

Imagine living the life you really DESIRE. Imagine mastering both fulfillment (happiness), and success (accomplishment).

If this is interesting to you at all, you should check out the Challenge. Sign up right here, and then watch your life change.

Quick Notes on the Video:

2:15 – Sabotaging relationships and business moves
3:10 – Limit of success
3:30 – “I don’t deserve it.”
5:30 – Feeling like a fraud.
7:15 – Why is this all so important?
10:10 – Challenging our own “truths”
10:50 – The only time beliefs change…
11:25 – Searching for meaning
11:50 – What is your current mindset?
14:00 − 3 big steps to changing your limiting beliefs
15:50 – The shortcut to belief change.
21:30 – Byron Katie’s process.
27:55 – Summary of changing limiting beliefs
34:00 – Negative projections

Rob’s Story

So, Jeff decided it was time I publicly tell my crazy life story. (Mom, he made me do it!)

*WARNING* The content isn’t exactly PG rated:

I share some pretty crazy stuff, from experiencing years of really bad child abuse, to massive addiction and homelessness, to hustling pool, to dealing drugs and getting cancer.

I even share about the time I took a cops gun away from him, and received the beat down of the century for the next few days.

By the way, this is not exactly the first time I’ve shared this. I’ve talked about it on a recent interview.

And actually, the very first time I ever shared my story in public was kind of scary. I was standing in front of a room full of strangers giving a motivational talk. And I decided that I would let this room know who I was and where I came from.

So… I jumped into my story, giving up some pretty intimate details. As I went on and on, I noticed a man in back of the room staring at me.

(It was more like he was staring me DOWN.)

Every word that came out of my mouth seemed to make his stare increasingly more intense. I started thinking to myself… “Does this guy recognize me from somewhere?” “Did I do something to him?”

So I wrap up my story and thank the crowd for coming out. And here comes “Mr. Stare Down.” Straight at me like he’s got something to say.

Only he wasn’t mad at all. Quite the opposite actually!

He approached me to let me know how thankful he was for what I’d been through, and that I had the courage to share my story. He said it was incredibly inspiring to him. He even asked me when I was going to write a book about it!

I was deeply honored.

And it occurred to me that I had never really shared my story like that before, and I realized how important it was.

Take a look at the video above. Go ahead and check it out… Because I share more in there than just the tough times.

I also explain how I dug myself out of the hell that I had found myself in. I share about the help I got from family, friends and mentors.

And how I became deeply happy, and successful in the process.

If you dig the video, give it a “like” or a “share” up top. And of course please comment below if the feeling moves you. I’d love to see if it was inspiring for you too.

And if you haven’t signed up for my free Meditation Challenge, please take a second to get hooked up with that.

Talk soon,


Quick Notes On The Video:

5:40 – Disclaimer (Not a PG talk)
7:15 – Bad influences in childhood
8:50 – Being a victim
10:30 – Addiction, Homelessness, Institutionalized
11:15 – Hustling in pool halls
14:00 – 19 yr. old spiritual awakening
15:30 – Massive expansion of consciousness
16:20 – Mentors
17:20 – Beyond Morality
19:00 – Conscious evolution to oneness
20:40 – Problems with the law
23:00 – The first time I shared my story in public
24:30 – Not trusting your own mind is the absolute worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with.
26:00 – What turned my life around.
28:25 – Going up the corporate chain REALLY fast
28:50 – Getting sick with cancer
32:00 – Entry level to Vice President
34:00 − 4 Martinis and leading company meetings.
35:00 – Deciding I was done
36:30 – Counseling from my mentor.
39:00 – Shedding your identity
40:00 – The first book I ever read cover to cover.
42:00 – I’m here to end suffering.
43:30 – Choosing to leave everything.
46:00 – I’m here to be presence, share joy and love, and help people transform.
47:20 – The Fundamental Shift “Core” Program (now called the Identity Shifting MasterClass)

What Really Motivates Us?

In this Mastering Mindset hangout, Rob and Jeff discuss how much we’re actually trying to get to “the familiar,” and not just trying to feel more pleasure (which is what everyone usually thinks is our core motivator).

This concept is new, and completely crucial to understand why you do things you really don’t want to do. It’s also going to help incredibly with changing stubborn behaviors, and forming new powerful success habits.

Check it out… pain, pleasure, and the familiar. Boom.


Quick Notes:

1:55 – Pain and Pleasure – What we THINK we’re doing.
2:30 – The subconscious mind and survival.
3:00 – Pain vs. Familiarity
3:40 – How much are you “putting up with” in your own life?
4:07 – Our subconscious mind prefers the familiar.
5:00 – Training the subconscious mind.
5:45 – Familiarity and addictions.
6:15 – What is addiction?
7:50 – Managing your habits.
8:50 – How do you normalize?
10:20 – Shifting your identity.
11:10 – Why is it so hard to habituate new stuff into your life?
16:25 – Safety and growth together.
17:50 – Desire to change and grow is conscious and important.

By the way… Have you participated in our free Back to Breath Challenge yet? Just sign up here to get started.

Social Mindset Shifts


In this Mindset Series hangout Rob Scott and Jeff Yancey focus on the importance of group mindset.

Quick Notes:

0:55 – Why is mindset shift important?
3:20 – Limiting narratives
6:00 – Leaving society
7:00 – How big is our identity?
8:15 – Identity of Nationalism
9:09 – If Aliens landed on earth…
12:22 – Base assumptions
15:27 – What if we were all connected as one?
19:00 – We are all egoic, and that’s ok
22:50 – Ask: How am I connected to these people?

Make sure to sign up for the next Back to Breath Meditation Challenge!

The Power of the Subconscious


In this part of the Mastering Mindset Series we uncover the secret of the subconscious mind. And expose how it is WAY more powerful than you probably thought.

Without understanding how much it’s running (and ruling) in our lives, we will always feel stuck. Here I show how to alter it so it can be a huge asset, instead of an unknown liability.

Check out this hangout with Jeff and me, and learn how to win a battle you may not have even known you were fighting.

And as always, leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments.

Quick Notes:

1:04 – Most of mindset is unconscious.
4:00 – Your subconscious mind is stronger than you are.
5:54 – Your subconscious mind doesn’t care.
6:52 – Our subconscious only cares about this one thing (in 2 ways).
8:36 – The subconscious is always trying to keep your identity alive .
10:25 – Our subconscious looks for facts to validate our negative thoughts.
12:30 – Survival is not the problem anymore.
13:27 – Mastery of mindset is the next evolution of man.
14:30 – The ratio of conscious mind to unconscious mind.
18:13 – How to create meaningful change in our lives.
21:45 – Jeff’s mindset testimonial. 24:00 – More options in your life.

Where Your Limits Come From


Have you ever wondered why some people actually achieve their dreams while others just talk about them?

Watch this video to learn where limiting beliefs come from, and how to change them to guarantee your success.

And get in the conversation.  What limits do you see in your life?  Any questions on how to flip it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

1:14 – Your greatest weaknesses can become your greatest strengths.
2:26 – Magic fingers.
4:33 – Embarrassment/Rejection Story
5:35 – Life experiences affect behavior.
5:58 – The subconscious mind is a safety mechanism.
6:50 – Fake “life rules.”
7:32 – Learned Helplessness.
9:38 – Success and failure don’t define worth.
12:00 – Where do limits come from?
13:10 – Confidence to attack.
14:00 − 3 big steps to conquer limiting beliefs.
14:52 – Awareness can be curative.
17:40 – Awareness brainstorm technique.
18:35 – You can’t become something you resent.
19:32 – Our ways of protecting ourselves.
24:23 – Mindset is immediate.



Mastering Mindset Series – The Most Important Thing


In this Hangout, I share what exactly “mindset” is, and why it’s incredibly important to our success.

Quick Notes:

2:30 – If you don’t master your mindset, nothing matters.
3:30 – What exactly is “mindset?”
4:13 – The ability to see that we have a certain mindset.
5:18 – The WRONG mindset about weight loss.
6:05 – The RIGHT mindset for successful weight loss.
7:02 – Why mindset isn’t just about thinking positively.
8:01 – Where does our mindset come from?
8:55 – Do you really wish you were doing more?
10:00 – What is awareness?
10:35 − 3 Things that happen mentally while looking at the world.
11:55 – How we feel is most important.
12:48 – My boss hates me!
13:52 – Some of us are naturally set to self sabotage.
15:43 – The frame of our awareness.
19:40 – How are you set up to be looking at your own life?
20:15 – Change your beliefs.