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A Simple Trick to Manage Your Attention

Always Struggling to Keep Up? There’s One Surprising Mistake You’re Making – It’s Not About Productivity!

What are you paying attention to right now? You might notice a bit of irony in that question.

See, most human beings are so focused on what’s to come or what’s already happened that the one thing they’re NOT paying attention to is what’s happening right now.

In this video, I explain how this mental model – that you probably fall into ALL THE TIME – is actually causing that nagging feeling of “I’m Not There Yet.” And if this isn’t you, then I can guarantee that many people in your life are struggling with this same issue. Listen for some quick insight for how to help somebody who’s stuck “anywhere but here.”

Full podcast episode can be found here.

Episode 7 – How to Find Clarity and Take Action Now

Learn two simple strategies to gain more clarity and stop being stuck in overwhelm. If you struggle with overwhelm, you will most likely notice a lack of clarity in your life.

Ever have something little happen and right then, in the moment, it feels like the biggest deal in the world?

Well, we’re trapped in a culture that expects us to be in a constant state of responding to stimuli. TV, on facebook, on twitter, on the phone, at work, in the car – when you combine that with a lack of clarity it starts to look like:

  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I can’t connect with others.
  • I’m always anxious and overwhelmed.
  • My life has no purpose.

Do you find yourself thinking or saying things like this?

Do you know the difference it would make if you knew without a doubt what really mattered to you? The clarity of knowing what you value matters. It matters a lot.

Because the fact is this… Switch focus to what you can control. Your stress and fatigue will disappear almost immediately. And then you can start making real changes in your life with no resistance.

So how can you build the skills to know what to do in any moment and make a clear choice to move forward?

In this week’s podcast, Rob discusses…

  • Why we must find clarity in our lives.
  • How overcommitting is the quickest way to destroy your self-confidence.
  • How to get instant relief from overwhelm and stress.
  • An easy tip to stop procrastinating.
  • How to hold boundaries (exercising the “No Muscle”).
  • Ways to simplify and unplug from technology.
  • The shortcut to authentic self-love and self-confidence.
  • How you set yourself up for failure when you don’t know your limits.
  • How to finally be true to yourself (and everyone in your life).
  • Why social media affects our brain chemistry and prevents us from living our best life.
  • And maybe most importantly… The pain we create by putting our attention on what we can’t control.

Plus, Rob let’s us in on the secret that lets us have the self-love and self-respect to say yes and really mean it… Or say no, confidently, when you don’t.

Look, for most of us, there’s a huge distance between what we say we value and what our actions say we value. If you find yourself making excuses to friends, family, and coworkers like “that’s not me” or “that’s not how I want to show up”… Then this episode is for you.

Next Steps:

  1. Connect with your values.
  2. Identify what you can actually control.
  3. Simplify – say no to things if they aren’t aligned with your values and aren’t something you can fully control.
  4. Strengthen your NO muscle- that’s how you stay simple and keep your word to yourself and others.

Episode 6 – What’s Stopping You From Making More Money?

Alright, quick quiz time (Be honest!):

Which do you find yourself saying more often?

  • I want to be wealthy or…
  • I love the money I have

If you’re like a lot of the clients Rob’s helped, you are just dying to find that automatic button that lets you make more money day after day, and year after year.

Or maybe…you might think that kind of sounds like a fiction?

So, real talk: You’re not likely to stumble upon a big red button that changes your life in an instant…

But it turns out you might be carrying around some baggage that’s creating a ‘money limit’ in your life.

And breaking through your money limit might be as simple as noticing that burden you’re carrying and choosing to put it down.

We’re not talking about very real, very tangible obstacles that you have to overcome – what Rob covers today are the hidden (from you) limitations you’ve placed on yourself that you have the choice to let go of whenever you choose.

So how about learning to identify yours in the next 25 minutes?

In today’s episode, Sarah and Rob discuss:

  • Fear of failure and why plenty of people worry about failing in front of people they respect, but that’s not what really holds most people back.
  • Fear of success, which you probably don’t believe in, but might be the number one reason you can’t make lasting progress towards your goals.
  • Why your unconscious beliefs about “rich people” can prevent you from owning the identity of a wealthy person – and ultimately STOP you from building habits that will cultivate gratitude.
  • Plus, how we use all of these things to construct our own ‘money ceiling’ that we simply cannot let ourselves get past…in fact, if you’re close to hitting it, you’re probably already sabotaging yourself and pushing more money away.

Next Steps

If you haven’t listened to the podcast before, than this might surprise you… but it all comes back to the identity you choose to give yourself. That’s right! You get to choose your own identity – you can even choose to be the person you thought you had to wait to be until you crossed off every item on your 10 year plan.

Click here to learn more about Identity Shifting.

Meanwhile, if this gratitude thing sounds groovy to you and you’d like to know where to start, Rob’s got you covered with the 3G3 Gratitude Practice – start levelling up your thankfulness and wellbeing in just 3 minutes a day.

Can You Stop Your Negative Thoughts?!?

Stopping thought is way simpler than most people think – that’s why it’s only the first step on your journey once you realize how much suffering runaway thoughts create in your life.

In fact, you use this ability all the time – but you’re unaware you’re doing it. That means you’re unable to tap into your true power to master your thoughts and up-level your being.

In this video, I explain how thoughts can actually become a tool to reach greater levels of consciousness and abundance. If you want to hear more, you can jump to the full episode of the podcast right here.

Episode 5 – How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

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Rob and Sarah start off by examining where our emotions are really coming from. Are they reactions to external events or caused by internal thoughts? Rob talks about how certain emotions are “stuck emotions” and can take over our identity if we don’t manage them. Then he teaches an easy trick to combat powerful emotions that you might be struggling with. Rob explains why emotions are a natural “alarm” and can alert us about the way we are making meaning.

We also dive into why it’s hard to express our emotions. Limits in our language may be holding us back. We cover how “being with” emotions can help you process events. This is a path to being healthier and more emotionally mature. We teach you how to break the cycle of repressing emotions and why we shouldn’t always “numb out.” After this episode, you’ll understand how to manage all types of feelings. This should help you become more grounded and fulfilled.

Episode Topics:

  • Where emotions and feelings come from
  • How to combat “stuck” emotions
  • Tips on how to be with powerful emotions
  • Why it’s important to express yourself
  • Ways we “numb out” in order to not feel emotions
  • How to communicate our emotions more effectively

Episode 4 – Is Your Reality Trustable

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In this episode, Rob explains the biggest fundamental error in the human condition. Rob and Sarah delve into the topic of truth. We discuss if there are trustable truths, or if your reality is actually a delusion. We talk about how this universal mental error might cause you to be living in fear. Then we explain why humans actually have limited access to truth. Because of biases, our own senses, and a general information overload. Plus we talk about the difference between subjective and objective truth, and how to live in the “we space.”

Then Rob shares some of the consequences you might be up against if you don’t challenge truths in your life. He teaches a few different ways you can get better at growing a healthy skepticism. Rob and Sarah then agree that it’s more true to question truth then to just believe it. And talk about how you can apply this to your life.

This episode will help you learn how to find truth, and recognize biases and opinions. We encourage you to shift your perceptions so that you can find more connection, and more wisdom. We want for you the freedom to experience life without being afraid and overwhelmed.

Episode Topics

  • Why Your Reality Could be A Lie
  • The Consequences of Not Questioning Truth
  • Subjective Vs Objective Truth
  • How Our Access to Truth Can Be Limited
  • Widening Your Perspective on Yourself and Others
  • The Skill of Questioning Truth
  • Navigating Truth Can Deeply Change Your Experiences
  • Learning Real Wisdom

Episode 3 – Your Biggest Mental Error and The Single Key to Becoming “Unstuck”

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Rob helps you get “unstuck.” He explains the universal key to being more confident, productive, and fulfilled. We’re going to share with you more about beliefs, as well as introducing “opinion” and “truth.” We’ll define each concept and show you how they’re connected. Plus we’ll talk about how, like thoughts, beliefs can be conscious or unconscious to you.

We’ll also dig into how being delusional might not be all that bad. And how certain delusions may be helpful in different situations. Finally, you’ll learn the one big error we keep making that is leading to a cycle of separation. Rob and Sarah share how to detach from your own “beliefs.” Doing so allows you to have profound change and grow in your path to mental mastery.

Episode Topics

  • The Universal Key to Being “Unstuck”
  • Deep Dive on Opinion vs Belief
  • Why Truth is Weird and Complex
  • The Fundamental Error Humans Have in Their Thinking
  • How to Master Profound Personal Change

Episode 2 – The 10 Second Test to See If You’re Delusional and How to Recode Your Mind

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This episode does a deeper dive into optimizing our own cognition. We explore how our beliefs can cause procrastination, self-sabotage, and other limiting behavior. Plus, Rob shares a simple 10 second test you can do to see if you have a “delusional mind.”

We also define the word “belief.” And discuss why most people get triggered when someone challenges their beliefs. We cover different cognitive biases. How to hack our mind so we can see through our biases and take back control of our thoughts.

We also share a new way to change your meaning making so you can be healthier, happier, and more successful. Lastly, we debunk the myth that “positive thinking” is enough to create better outcomes. And tell you the way to reset your mind so you can experience deep meaningful change for yourself.

Episode Topics

  • Where Thought Creation Comes From
  • Big Mental Delusions that Keeps Us Trapped
  • How to See “Mental Blind Spots”
  • Conscious and Unconscious Meaning Making
  • Cognitive Biases
  • The Game of the ‘Familiar’
  • The Power Behind Optimizing Thoughts
  • What’s Really Required for Deep Meaningful Change

Episode 1 – The 4 Levels to “Hack” Your Mind to Eliminate Anxiety and Overwhelm

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Welcome to the Rob Scott Show.

Our first episode addresses thinking and thought creation. Rob and Sarah dive into how “being lost in thought” doesn’t have to be your default setting in life. Rob defines the 4 different levels of consciousness, so you can learn how to not stay lost in thought. We also define what “not thinking” really means. And why meditation is often misunderstood.

Additionally, Rob will teach you a tip on how to bring yourself out of overwhelm and anxiety. It only requires a simple mental switch. We cover why having a higher quality of mind can be essential in improving all areas of your life. We also challenge the traditional associations with the word “sensual.” And show you it’s possible to experience both “being and doing” by using a little bit of mental mastery.

Episode Topics:

  • Back to Breath Meditation Challenge
  • The 4 Levels of Consciousness
  • Thoughts vs Experience
  • Redefining Meditation
  • The Power of the Present

The Keys to Living a Better, Happier, Fulfilling Life…

What is the real difference between Passion and Purpose and why does it matter? I’m going to tell you all about why these are important for having the best, most fulfilling life you can have.

A little while ago I was interviewed on the Join Up Dots Podcast. I had the opportunity to talk about passion and purpose in depth and I want to share a bit of it with you here.

Passion and purpose are key elements to finding happiness and success. Understanding the difference is important, because often times they get confused.

Here’s the breakdown…

Your passion is where you find flow. It’s what you’re personally interested in and what holds your attention. It’s something that generally has a level of complexity and is fun to improve at. It’s often what you’d called a hobby.

Purpose is bigger. It’s about being of service to something outside yourself. It’s finding meaning in forwarding a cause or bettering a situation. It’s being in service to a “collective” cause, or teaching others about something that’s important to you.

Distinguishing what holds your interest and how you find your “flow,” versus what motivates you and brings you fulfillment, is crucial to improving your daily life. Finding your passion and your purpose is the foundation for a happy and successful existence.

Discovering and living your purpose is one of the big outcomes of my Identity Shifting Mastermind program. Check it out!