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The Eating Coach Podcast Interview with Harriet Morris

I was so honored that I was asked to be a guest on The Eating Coach Podcast.

Check out the episode I recorded with my friend and coach, Harriet Morris. It just went live.

Harriet is an eating psychology specialist and a body confidence coach. She works to support and empower her clients and help them to become happier and healthier.

In this episode of her podcast, we talked about the power of meditation and mindfulness and how to distinguish between pain and suffering.

We also discussed complacency and acceptance, and the important differences between those two ideas.

She let me share exactly how to stop your suffering in any moment. And I explained why we don’t have to BE present, because we are actually already present in every moment.

In fact, the crucial skill is mastering how to be with “what is.”

Harriet also shared her own experiences with meditation, how it’s helped her and past clients, get through some stuff stuff. We dived into how it can be used as an important tool to get big breakthroughs in your life.

Make sure to check out this episode when you can.

Also, like and subscribe to her podcast if our conversation resonates with you. Harriet’s doing awesome transformational work and I’m super happy to support her in her mission and business.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the episode…

“There’s another level where you just decide to accept how you feel in the moment, and you can do it more easily then you believe.”

I hope that you feel inspired by this interview!

Also, if you want to learn how you can join the community I talked about at the end of the episode, head here to get the information.

Episode 27 – How to Evolve Into a Hero

Episode 27 of The Rob Scott Show covers a lot of ground. We explore exactly what it means to be a conscious human in the world today. We talk about the nuances of our culture and how we want to be heroes but celebrate victimhood. Then go over ways we can notice when we’re stuck in a victim mindset.

Sarah and I also discuss the most important personal development survival skill… metacognition. It’s an awareness of thinking about your thinking. Learning to do that well gives you the ability to manage your attention. This move is the superpower. It will allow you to be happy and fulfilled in your being, and powerful and effecting in your doing.

Finally, discover why there is no such thing as a permanent hero. Instead, it’s crucial to learn how to be heroic for yourself. What’s the hero in YOU that can focus on what’s important and how you’re showing up? Learn how to win at the internal game and that will help you make the world a better place.

I hope you enjoy this episode, we had a ton of fun recording it for you.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The paradox of hero and villain
  • Societies views on the Hero’s Journey
  • Understanding a victim mindset
  • Why society rewards victimhood
  • Managing the complexity of life
  • What it means to be a conscious human
  • The evolution of survival skills
  • How to grow your awareness of when you’re being a victim
  • Learning to deal with problems without playing victim
  • The power of facing your fears
  • Mastering Metacognition – Useful thoughts about your thoughts
  • How moving attention impacts your emotions
  • The Most Important Personal Development Survival Skills
  • How to be happier and more productive
  • Surrounding yourself with conscious humans


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Episode 26 – The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Your breakthrough is BIGGER than your bullshit. Period.

As a coach, my deep desire is to get you to the *thing* that’s going to shift you. So you can be free, enlightened, and reach your next level. Your breakthrough is too important to let you stay stuck in your stories and limits.

In this episode of The Rob Scott Show we discuss the power of the subconscious mind and how having a Fundamental Shift can massively change how you experience life.

Our unconscious mind is driving so many meanings we assign as “truths.” Those affect how we view ourselves and the world. Learning to recognize what’s lurking in your shadow can really change the game.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The power of the unconscious mind
  • Examining the usefulness of therapy
  • How unconscious truth can impact our meaning
  • What your inner dialogue is telling you
  • Why limiting patterns alter your conscious experience
  • The rider and the elephant
  • The illusion of control
  • Your subconscious is set to keep you safe
  • Understanding cognitive biases
  • Defining what “beliefs” really are
  • Useful and useable truths
  • The the function of using absolute truths
  • How objectifying truth can help you
  • More about Rob’s story
  • Dissolving a victim mindset
  • The steps to overcoming your limits
  • How to boost your courage
  • Having a fundamental shift
  • Tools to understand your subconscious
  • Understanding shadow
  • The awesome Byron Katie, and “The Work”

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Episode 25 – How to Get Things Done

How much happier would you be if you were able to show up and hold yourself accountable?

It’s actually not as hard as it might feel like.

Discover the easiest steps to getting better results in whatever area of your life you want to focus on. These strategies are easy to apply and powerful.

First, start simple. Get clarity on what matters and decide to narrow your focus. Next, set up specific, realistic tasks you can take action on every day.

I promise, if you can simplify your goals into actionable tasks and follow through, you will get results that shock you.

Little wins will stack up and build momentum.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Defining the map of consciousness
  • Three important areas to master in personal development
  • Which two factors impact your thinking
  • Mastering the inner (internal) game and outer (external) game
  • Why mental mastery matters but there’s more to do
  • The dimensions of your identity
  • Accountability and social pressure
  • Willpower and conscious decisions
  • The steps to getting external results
  • Why it’s important to decide what matters
  • How to simplify your behaviors
  • Why little wins can create momentum
  • All the benefits of being accountable to yourself
  • Learning about intentions vs goals
  • Simplification is an act of self love

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Episode 24 – Happiness as Your Way of Being

During this episode of the Rob Scott Show, Rob & Sarah discuss how happiness can become your default way of being. Changing your state is one thing, but the ability to be joyful no matter what is happening around you will change your life.

The secret to happiness is learning how to manage your attention. This simple hack is the fastest path out of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. Fulfillment and joy is attainable, if you follow a different “happiness blueprint.” You can discover how to source your own joy, no matter what is happening.

It starts with being aware of your attention. Attention is a “place” and you get to choose where it goes. Once you know how to shift it, you can stop rumination. You can stop focusing constantly on overwhelm and distress. And instead feel calm, centered and much happier.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Defining what real happiness is
  • How to change your state instantly
  • A shift in your happiness blueprint
  • The path to sustainable happiness
  • Your consciousness is made up of your attention
  • The importance of attention and focus
  • How external factors can subtract from your happiness
  • Why it’s difficult to shift your focus
  • Tools you can use to move your attention
  • The relationship between thoughts and feelings
  • 4 levels of managing your attention
  • Why there’s no there, only here
  • How to discover happiness in any moment
  • Learning to be “with what is” to enhance happiness

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Little Sprigs Podcast Interview with Christina Rochelle

I got the incredible opportunity to talk with my good friend Christina Rochelle on her podcast, Little Sprigs, it just went live.

We discussed how the belief structures we have can be optimized. Why value based boundaries is a powerful parenting tool.

Plus, we did a deep dive on how to manage overwhelming thoughts and become more present parents and happier humans.

And so much more.

I had so much fun recording this with Christina. It is literally one of my favorite episodes ever. Make sure you check out her podcast to find our interview, and subscribe to Christina’s show so you can follow what’s she’s doing.

Some of the many topics we covered:

    • How belief structures are formed
    • Learning to be enlightened through parenting challenges
    • Why control tactics seem important to us in parenting
    • The cultural narrative around what “parent” should be
    • Examining fear vs love, and our drive to be in control
    • Value based boundaries and powerful parenting strategies
    • How our stories get programmed in at an early age
    • Lenses and how they impact our belief structure
    • The difference between experience and judgement
    • How to end unnecessary suffering
    • Learning to find presence and joy in parenting
    • The benefits of the 3G3 gratitude practice


PK Experience Podcast Interview with Peter King

Life is difficult sometimes. Especially when lots of hard things happen all at once.

Any single one of those challenges has the potential to leave you with “meanings” that could stop you in your tracks. Experiencing a ton at once will definitely hold you back.

If you’re going through that right now, I’m sorry. Trust me, I know what it feels like to have life repeatedly knock you down.

Check out this interview I did with my great friend Peter King on The PK Experience Podcast, it just went live.

He grilled me about the harder details of my past. You know, the stuff I went through before my transformation into a coach. I share how specific events (abuse, addiction, and trauma) left me struggling with massive limits, and how I was finally able to overcome them.

Whether you’ve been through hard stuff or not, I know you can probably relate to feeling limited at times. The main point I was talking with Pete about was that we are all “meaning making machines.”

We are constantly creating meaning about ourselves, others, and the world. And if we see that we do this, we can shift the meaning.


If we have to deal with a lot of the “tough stuff,” it can hold us back in really serious ways. It may keep us from expressing ourselves and playing big to achieve our goals.

Our ability to heal the past, and end shame, rage, depression, guilt, etc… is a necessary skill to have. Gaining emotional mastery will allow you to breakthrough your unhealthy patterns and become a healthy, whole, solid individual.

Listen to Pete and I discuss the crucial strategies that might just help you transform your life too.

Here’s some other things we went over during the interview:

    • Mastering you attention and focus.
    • Repatterning your subconscious mind.
    • Where the “not enough” feeling comes from.
    • How our limits become the lenses we see the world through.
    • What emotional mastery looks like.
    • The three things you need to change to shift your identity.
    • Why the brain resists change.
    • Understanding the power of imagination.

I hope you enjoy our chat and find it valuable. I had a great time being interviewed and sharing my story. Here’s the link to the interview one more time: The PKE Podcast.

Pete’s an amazing interviewer. You should subscribe to his show, he’s often got amazing guests. (Not sure how I snuck on there.) ;)

Also, if you want to learn more about Identity Shifting and how you can have your own profound shift, click here to pop on over to the Identity Shifting site.

Episode 23 – How to Create a Powerful Vision

This episode of the Rob Scott Show will help you master the skill of visioning. You’ll discover why managing your expectations is crucial for avoiding disappointments.

Plus, how to overcome the feeling of “not enough” by simply creating powerful intentions and showing up for the outcomes.

If you want more clarity, and you want to be more of a leader in your life, you should listen to this episode.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Learning How to Create a Powerful Vision
  • Distinguishing Between Expectation and Attachment
  • How To Manage Expectations
  • Defining Enlightenment
  • The Power and Cost of Expectation
  • Why Imagination is So Important
  • The Paradox of Being and Doing
  • Learning the Skill of Appreciation
  • Examining the “Not Enough” Muscle
  • Building Your Tangible Vision
  • How to Create Massive Impact and Change
  • Leading Others With Your Powerful Vision
  • How Visioning Can Improve Communication
  • Understanding What “Detached Goals” Are
  • How Intentions are Different Than Goals
  • Where Our Meaning Making Comes From
  • How Mastering Your Meaning Making Helps Others

To download other full episodes of The Rob Scott Show on iTunes, head here. To subscribe on YouTube click here.

Episode 22 – Building Resilience and Overcoming Disaster

Life can often pull the rug right out from under us. When that happens we can either handle it with strength and maturity, or spiral into a cycle of victimhood, overwhelm and self sabotage.

On this episode of The Rob Scott Show, Sarah and Rob talk about how to dodge life’s unexpected curveballs. They discuss how to manage stressful events that happen to all of us. Also, they teach tips and share examples of how to be resilient in the face of whatever comes your way.

Rob teaches the three useful dimensions of self and shares why “you” are a holistic system. You’ll discover what areas you need to master to shift your identity. Then hear the big secret to creating profound change and transforming your life.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Dealing with Unexpected Life Events
  • What Resilience Looks Like
  • How to Maturely Handle The Tough Stuff
  • Tangible Ways Stress Can Hold Us Back
  • Realigning Your Values
  • Why a Secure Sense of Self is Important
  • The Cycle of Self Sabotage
  • Three Useful Dimensions of Self
  • Defining What “Identity” Is
  • The Self as a Holistic System
  • How Thought/Emotions/Behavior Interact
  • Why Mindset is Homebase
  • Creating Profound Change in Your Sense of Self
  • How to Gain Emotional Resilience
  • The Secret to Transformation and Permanent Change
  • Ways to Love Yourself Through Trauma
  • Learning to Become More Mature
  • What an “Identity Shift” Is
  • Defeating Your Victim Mentality
  • Why Self Love is Important
  • How to Avoid Suffering

To download other full episodes of The Rob Scott Show on iTunes, head here. To subscribe on YouTube click here.

Episode 21 – The Power of Defining Your Values

This episode is all about values. Rob and Sarah discuss how connecting with your values is a powerful move. Being clear on what matters will help you to be more productive and capable of taking action. They also discuss why values don’t have to be etched in stone. They can be flexible and often different in different contexts. You’ll also discover how to resolve value conflicts, both internally and externally.

Additionally, you’ll understand where values come from. Why once we are adults, we are the only ones in charge of choosing what’s valuable in our own life. Rob teaches the difference between espoused values and behavioral values. Discover why what you say you value, and how you behave might be different. Finally, you’ll learn some tips on exactly how to resolve inner conflict. As well as, a quick hack of how to achieve your goals.

Other Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Why Your Values are Important
  • The Four Levels of Values
  • Understanding Values Conflict
  • How Knowing Values Brings Clarity
  • Where Our Values Come From
  • Knowing Values Are a Choice
  • The Evolution of Values
  • Behavioral Values vs Espoused Values
  • How to Resolve Inner Conflict
  • The Value of Ranking Your Values
  • Learn to Have More Honesty and Integrity
  • When to Prioritize Your Different Values
  • Using Your Values as a Guidelines
  • How Meaning Making Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • Examining Values in Different Contexts
  • Values Across Other Perspectives
  • Looking at Values in the Workplace
  • Why You Are in Charge of Picking Your Values
  • How to Have a More Conscious Filled Life

To download other full episodes of The Rob Scott Show on iTunes, head here. To subscribe on YouTube click here.