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The Keys to Living a Better, Happier, Fulfilling Life…

What is the real difference between Passion and Purpose and why does it matter? I’m going to tell you all about why these are important for having the best, most fulfilling life you can have.

A little while ago I was interviewed on the Join Up Dots Podcast. I had the opportunity to talk about passion and purpose in depth and I want to share a bit of it with you here.

Passion and purpose are key elements to finding happiness and success. Understanding the difference is important, because often times they get confused.

Here’s the breakdown…

Your passion is where you find flow. It’s what you’re personally interested in and what holds your attention. It’s something that generally has a level of complexity and is fun to improve at. It’s often what you’d called a hobby.

Purpose is bigger. It’s about being of service to something outside yourself. It’s finding meaning in forwarding a cause or bettering a situation. It’s being in service to a “collective” cause, or teaching others about something that’s important to you.

Distinguishing what holds your interest and how you find your “flow,” versus what motivates you and brings you fulfillment, is crucial to improving your daily life. Finding your passion and your purpose is the foundation for a happy and successful existence.

I recently dug deeper into Passion and Purpose along with Pleasure in one of my coaching programs called Stillness in Motion. I did a teaching called “The Three Different of Lives:” The Pleasant Life, The Good Life, and The Meaningful Life.

I taught about how you can level up from a normal existence to an exceptional existence. I gave some history and background regarding “Positive Psychology,” and why working on those Three Types of lives can make everything better.

Here’s a sneak peak from inside the course:

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