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How I Beat Back the Demons (Every Time)

>QUICK NOTE: If you want to hear what I sound like yelling at a room full of women, then check this quick little 2min 37sec audio out. Be warned, I curse in it:


OK, now let’s get into this.  Demons?  Like in horror movies?  As in being possessed?

Not exactly.

But in reality, the effects they have on your life may be much worse.  What I’m talking about is the almost universal “negative voice” that we all have running around in our head.  The voice spouting RIDICULOUS ideas like:

  • “No one likes me.”
  • “I’m weak.”
  • “I don’t deserve that.”
  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I’m not funny enough, or smart enough, or rich enough, or whatever enough!”
  • (And on and on it goes…)

This negative voice speaks from deep within, almost always unchallenged.  And since it goes unchecked, it feels like truth. And since it feels like truth…

It HUGELY limits us.

It’s so important for us to recognize this voice, and actually challenge it.  In fact, LAUGH AT IT.  These are the exact thoughts that are keeping us from literally everything we want in life. They keep us from making more money, loving ourselves, loving others, being happy, etc., etc., etc.

So how do we deal with it? Here’s a quick 3 step short cut to dealing with “the voice” (I can’t stress enough how important it is to challenge it).

How to Beat Back the Demons in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Become conscious of these annoying little thoughts
  2. Reframe them in an opposite and positive way
  3. Make sure your subconscious (your identity, your “self”) accepts the idea as true – experience a true “Identity Shift.”

(That last part, getting your subconscious to accept the new idea as true, is where this can get a little hairy. I have a free webinar here if you want to know more about how to use hypnosis and NLP to quickly and permanently change your subconscious identity.)

Think about it.  What if the above thoughts seemed completely ridiculous, and instead you had these thoughts running on autopilot:

  • “I love my friends and family, and they love me.”
  • “I am durable and very strong.”
  • “I deserve love, happiness and abundance.”
  • “I am totally capable.”
  • “I am talented and smart.”
  • “I am good enough, funny enough, wealthy and crazy happy.”

What if those were your “truths?”  What if that’s what was running in the background?

(Answer: It would change everything.)

Reframing your negative thoughts will help you in literally EVERY aspect of your life.

Look, we all have these limiting thoughts.  While it’s not optimal, by the sheer numbers of how many people have them, it’s definitely normal.

The annoying part is that most people can’t see them, and hence unconsciously believe the thoughts.  And THAT leads to massive amounts of pain.

I am NOT okay with that. That’s what leads to me yelling at people (or at least the demons in them).

Again, here’s the audio clip of me in Manhattan, doing exactly that. Yelling at a group of ladies, and beating back the demons. I get a little excited when I have the opportunity to wake people up. Enjoy:


>IMPORTANT:  Check out the free webinar if you want to know more about how to instantly and automatically end the cycles of negative, limiting self talk.

(No sign up needed.  It’s just free content.)  :)

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  1. Wow, love the evolutionary perspective. Had never looked at it this way… “A slap in the face of the Universe” So simple, yet so profound. Thank you Rob.

  2. Dave Aquilante says

    Great article, Rob! I must add one last step to your “Beating Back Your Demons” and that is: #4- Repeat. Often. This allows me to be proactive as well as gentle with my Self. Thank you once again.Great to have met you and looking forward to the course.

    • Dave, great to meet you as well! It was great being with you today. I know you’re going to love the course! Just sent the log in details. Talk soon…

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