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Are Your Goals Set For 2009?

Want to make 2009 an amazing year? I’m doing a goal setting workshop with my close friend Skip Shuda that will have a web business focus, but will be really useful for ANYONE who wants to accomplish huge goals this year.

While I will be talking about small business concepts in the examples, I’ll be helping everyone set great goals of any kind.

Are you often unclear about the most important thing to be working on?

Join my teleseminar January 12, 2009 at 7pm to learn about how you can lay the groundwork for an amazing year.

Check out the video here for more info: Goal Setting Workshop

Setting goals and instilling habits will make your success nearly ‘inevitable.’ Studies show that people who set specific goals accomplish 80% MORE than those who don’t.

Where you focus those goals determines whether you apply that 80% advantage on your MOST PRODUCTIVE avenues. We’ll help you discover the “right areas” for directing your goals in our upcoming Teleseminar for both personal life and new and growing Web businesses.

The first 3 habits from Stephen Covey’s legendary book on “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” directly relate to setting proper vision, goals and priorities.

If you want to know the most highly leveraged areas to be working on for your Internet business, then this may be the most important call you’ll ever listen in on…

In my upcoming January 12, 2009 teleseminar, moderator Skip Shuda will interview me as I lead you through the goal-setting process customized personal success and building and growing a Web business.

Sign up now: Set Great Goals Now!

Seriously, this may be the most important thing you do this year.

Learn more now: Make 2009 Amazing!

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