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7 Tips Experts Use To Stay Experts

People often ask me, how does one become an expert in their field and remain at the top? Standards and technology change with a blink of an eye, so is it actually possible to become and remain at the top of your game at all times?

I say YES!……….and here are 7 ways to do it:

Always Have A Plan – Go into every situation with a strategy, just like when you go food shopping you have a list, rather then aimlessly wondering around

Be A Leader – Show your pioneer spirit, and make your own path rather than following the paved road

Observe & Listen – Keep an open ear and do more listening than talking

Build Your Network – Invest time in making connections and meeting other experts

Always Move Forward – Follow procedures and create a system so that you are always creating good

Prioritize – Choose tasks that are actionable and achievable, don’t waste time

Always Be Open To Learning – Keep an open mind, engage in classes and learning to expand your knowledge base

Don’t get me wrong you need to start with an education and surrounding yourself in an empowering environment. But sticking to a solid routine and following these steps are a GREAT way to propel yourself to “expert” status.

Stay Tuned!

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