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3 Steps to Change Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you feel about your life? Generally speaking, are you happy? I hope you truthfully answer yes, but it's okay if you don't. Sadly, most of my clients initially answer that  question with a big fat "NO!" The interesting thing is that … [Read more]

Rob’s Story

So, Jeff decided it was time I publicly tell my crazy life story. (Mom, he made me do it!) *WARNING* The content isn't exactly PG rated: I share some pretty crazy stuff, from experiencing years of really bad child abuse, to massive … [Read more]

What Really Motivates Us?

In this Mastering Mindset hangout, Rob and Jeff discuss how much we're actually trying to get to "the familiar," and not just trying to feel more pleasure (which is what everyone usually thinks is our core motivator). This concept is new, and … [Read more]

Social Mindset Shifts

  In this Mindset Series hangout Rob Scott and Jeff Yancey focus on the importance of group mindset. Quick Notes: 0:55 - Why is mindset shift important? 3:20 - Limiting narratives 6:00 - Leaving society 7:00 - How big is our … [Read more]

How to “Write and Burn”

Note: This is for the "Evolved Pyro" in you... I personally don't think we have enough ceremony in our culture. Not enough ways to easily process old emotional crap, or set intentions in a nifty fashion. Enter "Write and Burn." Here's the … [Read more]

The Power of the Subconscious

  In this part of the Mastering Mindset Series we uncover the secret of the subconscious mind. And expose how it is WAY more powerful than you probably thought. Without understanding how much it's running (and ruling) in our lives, we will … [Read more]

Where Your Limits Come From

  Have you ever wondered why some people actually achieve their dreams while others just talk about them? Watch this video to learn where limiting beliefs come from, and how to change them to guarantee your success. And get in the … [Read more]

Mind Tricks – Freedom Fast Lane interview

I was recently interviewed by the great Ryan Daniel Moran over at Freedom Fast Lane. No hype at all when I say this was one of the most succinct and useful talks I've ever been a part of.  Tons of tips and tricks, including: The single most … [Read more]

Mastering Mindset Series – The Most Important Thing

  In this Hangout, I share what exactly "mindset" is, and why it's incredibly important to our success. Quick Notes: 2:30 - If you don't master your mindset, nothing matters. 3:30 - What exactly is "mindset?" 4:13 - The ability to see that … [Read more]

How Enlightenment is Exactly Like Laser Hair Removal

I’ve been on a few dates in my day.  Sometimes after a really nice time out, my date and I would start kissing, and maybe even taking things a little further. Then I’d reach down and run my hand across her leg, and without fail she'd say something … [Read more]